Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Photohunt: Oct 22 - Public

The them this week is HIGH and I thought that my Dads
Tv antenna that he put together would do the trick.

My dad is 63 and climbs all the way to the top of it to fix it sometimes. 
My mom almost has a heart attack.  LOL  She said she just can't watch.

 Here's another one that would work.  I took a photo of these birds that were way up in the top of one of our trees.  I could here them singing.  Had to use my whole 12x zoom just to get this close to them.

 Also that day there were fires around and helecopters were hauling in water from our lake that my parents live on to help put them out.  He was pretty high up there too.

1 comment:

ancient one said...

I love the antenna photo and I would be just like your mom.. no looking for me either.. You have many good photos for the theme. Liked them all.

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