Friday, January 20, 2012

More on the "Fun & Games" kit

Wow, I have made some really cool stuff for the kit.  I am in the process right now of making a sort of monopoly board (of course I can't call it that) that has to do with scrapbooking.  It's turning out really cute so far.   I've used parts of my Red Light Green Light kit to make it and some other pieces from other kits. 

So here's the deal. 

For all the places on the boards I've decided to use scrapbook blogs instead.  So far I've used my 2 blogs my store and freebie blog.  I've used my 3 Ct's - Ginger, Nita and Nana.  But I need some more.  May use people from my blogtrain if I don't get enough requests. 

I've decided to make it somewhat generic so you can put on there what you want.  But I do need places to put on there.  Otherwise, I'm making stuff up. 

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