Thursday, January 26, 2012

Newly Added to store - Fun & Games - Word Games Mini kit and Alpha

Hey everyone,

I'm really working hard on the wordgames kit that I am calling "Fun & Games".  I am actually having so much fun with it that I just keep making stuff.  So this is going to be a  HUGE kit.  So, I have decided to also offer it in pieces and as the full-size kit.  It is still a work in progress but I'm slowly adding the pieces as I finish a part of it.  So if you wan the entire kit just keep checking in and enjoy all the pieces that I am going to show you as I go along.  But you are more than welcome to buy the pieces if that is what you prefer.

My first piece that I just got in the store is from the word games portion of my kit.  It is very similar to scrabble but you can tell it isn't the same.  I made my own board.  If you look at the board you will notice all the blank tiles are off set somewhat and that the word and letter scores aren't in the same places.  Also I made the tiles using my own wood version and my own font and I left off the lower number underneath the letters.  Plus I made them into this great alpha with Upper, Lower, numeric and symbolic characters.  So you can write anything you want to on the board or paper using them.  I added 6 solid papers to go with the mini kit too.  Check it out.

I have also made hand-drawn dominoes, dice, playing cards and other cool stuff.  So keep checking in to see what I've come up with.  Later.

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