Thursday, February 23, 2012


Here are all the requests that I have for Black Name Frames


And in the Crome Name Frames I have left are:

Marcos Jackson Isaiah Josie Jaegar Lucia
Damon December Debbie Dicie Earnest Garrett
Gavin Gus Hailey Hudson Karson Kayleb Kaylee
Kiley Kurt Lily Liz Lyla Magic MaKayla Mallery
Mandy Marena Marge Marianne Mark Marsha Mathis
May Meredith Micah Mimi Morgan Mya Nadja Oceane
Oren Patchy Patrick Pebbles Petey Piper Poppy Rachel
Raffaele Raina Rhen Ronny Ronnie Ruby Ryan Sadie Sam
Samantha Sammy Shane Terri Tiffany

So if you don't see your request in this list please place another one.  I've really tried to keep up with them all but it's been overwhelming sometimes.  And I am really sorry I have not been able to give them out in the order that you have placed them but there are so many and some requests were more than ten names sometimes.  So I'm trying to get them finished.  Just takes a little time but I'm close now.  Also, when I put them in folders they all went in alphabetically so that messed me up on who came first.  They will all get finished though.  Thank you eveyone for your patience.  And keep checking back.

And after I get all of them in the store and new requests are made I will then just update the store and let you all know that that particular letter has been updated. I think that will be an easier way to find them all.

Also, today I finally completely finished my "Fun & Games" kit.  I'm about to go put it in.  Here is the new stuff that will be coming out.  Also I will sell everything as one MEGA kit but when you buy it you have to buy it in 2 parts because Payloadz wouldn't let me put all the links into one product.  LOL  Who knew I would make too much  ---  hehe -----not me!

Took me forever to finishe my Deck of Cards.  I drew all the cards including the face cards and jokers.  There are 4 jokers.  And just so you know I put a little spin into them.  When you look at the face cards/jokers you see one side of them smiling and the other side frowning.  My brother came up with that.  I thought it would be unique and perfect for my set of cards.  They look very cool. 

The next two parts you can only get when you buy the Mega Kit.
It has stuff similar to twister, sorry, bingo and yatzee.  The only thing I put a name on is the Bingo cards but I had to write BINGO on them.  There are 4 bingo cards plus a blank one.  The yatzee pad doesn't say yatzee on it and it's very similar to the one that I used to play with my grandparents when we were little.  They called it triple yatzee.  Where you play 3 games and then add the end totals.  So I made a card like that.

 And here is a preview for the "Fun & Games" Mega Kit

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