Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hi again..........LOL

Hey everyone.

Well I feel really stupid.  LOL
Not for my computer going down but about the external hard drive that I've been having trouble with that has all my stuff on it - all kits and photos.  Well for the past 2 days I have been hurriedly copying files onto my 4gb flash drives and writing them to disk.  My drive would only stay on for a little bit while I saved everything.  Then I started moving stuff and deleting after I copied them too.  Trying to keep track of what I had saved.  Well guess what.  The drive seems to be perfectly fine.  And here's the funny story.  I was working my regular job of baking pies, breads, cookies, etc and frying donuts when it came to me suddenly.  For some reason the drive quits when the computer doesn't recognize the drive.  That got me to thinking maybe it was the connection because I had switched the drive around.  WELL guess what.  The cord is bad.  That was the problem all along.  I put on the other cord from my other external drive and it hasn't messed up yet. 

Now all my files and everything are crazy from all the copy/deleting.  But I've put most of everything on disks.  Haven't lost anything thank God.  And yes thank you God for watching out for me.  Just wish I was a little bit smarter.  LOL  Anyway, I've decided to finish copying everything and I am going to reformat the drive and start from scratch.  Been needing to clean it up for a while.  Too much stuff on it that I don't need on there. 

But I've learned my lesson.  As soon as I put photos on there or make a new kit.  Write to disk immediately so I have them saved in 2 places.  I've always knew that but I have gotten lazy.  Guess I need to make it a habit.  Actually no guessing.  Just do it!  Then I won't have this problem.  Good thing is I didn't loose anything but it may take a bit before I have any more new kits up.  I can still work on the names and stuff though.  So don't you all worry.  I got you all covered. 

Wow, what a couple of days.  All's well that ends well.

Talk to you all later.  Take care everyone.

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