Wednesday, March 21, 2012

HI Everyone,

Hi everybody,

Hope all of you are doing well. I just wanted to drop in and say that I had a great spring break with my cousin Thomas and my brother's girlfriend and her little girl.  With that being said, I have just a little bit of bad news but I'm dealing with it.  Ugh.  My computer went down last friday.  I don't think it was a virus or anything but not sure.  I think the hard drive just faltered.  I had to redue my entire computer and reformat another drive and add all my programs on there.  Finally got that finished and now my external 500 gb drive is messing up.  That one has all my files on it, photos and all my kit stuff.  I am going nuts.  It will stay on for a little while but then freezes up and is unrecognizable.  Plus I don't remember what I've save on disks and haven't saved on disks.  Tried writing eveything to data dvd disks but it takes too long and it freezes before I can write the disk.  So now I am coping to my usb 4gb data travelers which I have 8.  At least when it freezes I can just recopy later.  So that's what I am doing.  I have preposted names but I wont' be able to make more for a little bit.  I did get that file copied so I haven't lost any of the names.  I have a 1 TB external hard drive I can use but I was using that for back up of photos and not my kits.  Most of my kits I can get from my payloadz store.  But i have a lot of stuff in the making that I don't want to loose.  Lots of stuff.  A huge zoo kit, lots of my handmade templates for making things, steam punk stuff for a kit and lots and lots of other stuff.  So I gotta get this all sorted out before the drive fails completely.  I think I have all the photos but still getting all the other stuff.  I have added all the requested names to my list (10 more) but I want to get the others out first before I do those.  I have about 40 left to do.  So if you have put in requests, I have them.  Just keep checking in.  Take care everyone and wish me luck.

Here are some more Sebastian pages.  I've forgotten which one's I've already posted so sorry if I repeated myself.

Wish me Luck everyone.

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