Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mint Chocolate - Mini Kit

 Ok Sorry I haven't been around.  Promise it wasn't on purpose.  Everything has been quite hectic for me at my real-life job and here on my online-job.  As you all know I work in a bakery and usually on holidays I get a little bit of help.  They always bring in a second baker.  Well this year they didn't and it was all up to me to get everything done.  So needless to say I've been very tired and only had Christmas day off and back to work on Christmas night at 4am.  I usually go in at midnight but since the store was closed there was noone to let me in the store until 4am.  So I am quite tired physically.  I even went to watch that Jack Reacher movie with Tom Cruise and fell asleep half-way thru it on Christmas Eve.  LOL  How tragic is that?  I was so mad at myself.  That was my treat to myself and I messed it up.  LOL  My brother and his girlfriend and her little girl Ariana went to their parents house for xmas so I spent it alone.  Meant to go to a friends house but I was just too tired and the weather was bad.  It actually snowed a little.

Now to top all that off our store is down at Wilma4ever.  I don't know what happened but they are working on getting it fixed.  Lost all my files to everything in the store so I spent 2 days straight uploading them back into the store my last days off before Christmas.  In the process I made this kit.  So something good came of it.  :)  So it seems everyone is having problems.  Not just me.

I also spent 3 days making hard candy in cinnamon, peppermint, pina colada, butter scotch and root bear.  That's what I gave out to family and friends.  Money is a little tight so that is what everyone got for Christmas this year.  Wish I could send some all to you guys.

Anyway, enough jabbering.  Here is your mini-kit.  I also made 2 layouts with the full-kit.
The download link is below at the end of the post and is at 4shared.  I'll add the store link when the store is back up and running. 

Here are two pages made using the full-size kit.



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