Friday, October 26, 2012

Weekend Deals at Wilma4Ever

Check out the weekend deals starting today too.

 Here is what I have for $1 this week.
Strawberries Grab Bag 4

Strawberries Grab Bag 4

Here are more Chocolate covered strawberries all covered and drizzled with dark and white chocolate.  All png files.
Strawberries Grab Bag 3

Strawberries Grab Bag 3

Here are some more Chocolate Covered Strawberreis drizzled in chocolate.  All png files.
Pretzels Grab Bag 3

Pretzels Grab Bag 3

Here are 6 more pretzels dipped and drizzled in chocolate.  All png files.
Pretzels Grab Bag 2

Pretzels Grab Bag 2

Here is another Pretzel Grab Bag.  There are 6 pretzels covered and drizzled with chocolate.  All png files.
Pretzels Grab Bag 1

Pretzels Grab Bag 1

Here is a Grab Bag of Chocolate Covered Prezels.  There are 5 pretzels total.  All png files.  Personal Use Only.
Also, remember all my stuff $4.99 and  up are all 40% off thru October

$4.99 OR MORE

Sale good through the end of October

You can find my Store HERE

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