Wednesday, December 5, 2012

About the Free mini-kits

Hi all,

Just to be clear, you have to get the freebie from the store.  I can't afford to pay for a place to store the mini kits that I am going to make for you all.  The files are too large.   So, you have to register in the store to be able to buy the freebies in the store whether it's for free or you have a coupon code.  

The reason I'm letting you guys know is that people have asked me to just email the links and I can't do that.  The link is in the store.  I don't have one to send to you.  I also know that this works because about 30 people have gotten the freebie from the store already.  

So if you are having trouble make sure you are registering with the store.  It's free so you don't have to worry about that and while your at it go check out all the other stuff.  There are lots of freebies from me and the other designers and you might find something that you likes.  

So just go in, choose the item, go to check out, register or sign in, and then enter the redemption/coupon code and then confirm.  It will automatically give you the download links.  I just went in myself and it worked fine.  And with a zero balance it won't even ask you to sign in for your paypal.  So it should work.  The coupon won't expire until December 15th.

Thanks everyone. ;)

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