Saturday, May 11, 2013

I'm Designer of the Month at Wilma4Ever

Hey Guys,

I am so sorry.  I am trying to keep up but it's been so busy.  I can't keep up with anything it seems.  LOL  So sorry I haven't been on here much.  We've had so much going on at Wilma4ever and now I'm the designer of the month.  Lots of stuff to do.

But come check out my store.  30% off all Products.
And come join me in the forum too. I'm hosting 7 challenges this month.
or click on the challenge and see what it's about :)

Post a layout in that challenge and you get a prize.  I usually make something special but sometimes I just give you a coupon for a $ amt that you can use in the store.  You go have to use 50% wilma4ever products but I have lots of freebies in the store along with other designers if you need any of them.

* * * * *
Designer Of The Month


Other amazing products %30 off.
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If you spend $1 at Wilma4ever you get this for free!
My gift for being designer of the month.
Denim Blue - More Stitches

Freebie in my store now - for the Shape Challenge
May Shape Challenge 2013 - CU/PU

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