Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Popsicle Parade Full-Size Kit

Wow, it took me a while to do this kit.  Sorry it took so long.

You can find my store HERE

Popsicle Parade - Full Size Kit

Popsicle Parade - Full Size Kit 
There are a total of 50 papers that are 12x12 300 dpi and a total of 133 elements.  
For Personal Use only.
Find the Kit HERE
Included are:

50 papers (1 not shown in previews)
14 popsicles
14 snowcones
8 waffle cones
7 ice cream cones
7 popsicle stick borders
8 popsicle sticks
1 licorice border
1 licorice stick
1 licorice frame
17 popsicle frames
13 bows
6 ribbons
6 scallopped oval frames
1 waffle cone stacked border
7 buttons
5 carnations
3 leaves
6 wordart popsicle sticks
7 brads
1 wide popsicle stick memo

NOT all Elements are Shown in the Preview

Popsicle Parade - Extra Papers - CU/PU 
Here are 7 more paper papers that go with my Popsicle Parade kit.  These are extra and not included with the fullsize kit.  Each paper is 12x12 in size and 300 dpi.  For Personal and Commercial use.

 Popsicle Parade - Element Paperpack 
Here are the elements that go with my Popsicle Parade Kit.  (They are all included with the full size kit) There are a total of 133 elements all at 300 dpi and separate png files.

Popsicle Parade - Papers Only - CU/PU
 Here are the papers that go with my Popsicle Parade Kit.  These are the papers only.  There are a total of 50 papers at 300 dpi and 12x12 size.  For Personal and Commercial use.  Only one paper isn't shown in the preview.

Popsicle Parade - Popsicle Stick Alpha 

Here is my Popsicle stick alpha.  It is NOT included with the full-size kit.  All uppercase letters.  Alpha only.  Each letter is it's own separate png file and is 300 dpi.  Personal use only.

I also have some Popsicle stick WordArt coming too.  Just have a few more left to make. 
I'll see if I can come up with some quick pages to give you guys. Later, April

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