Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Snowflakes Freebie

Here are preview of the Papers for MyWinterWonderland Kit. I have 9 papers which are Pastel and then I have 9 papers which I have called Stormy (which are not so pastel).

This is a preview of a kit that I am attempting to make. It's called MyWinterWonderland. I've already made papers in pastel and stormy (not so pastel) and I have some snowflakes to go with them. I have already finished the alphas for this kit but I am still in the process of making them individual letters. I think that works so much better for everyone. I have uppers, lowers, numbers and symbols already made. Would you like a preview of them too? I'll give you a taste of them too. Plus, I'm trying to make other goodies to go along with it like frames, borders and whatever else I come up with. So, today I am offering a sample of the kit. Please let me know if it is good or not. I'd like to learn how to do all these neat things and share with those that have shared with me.

Now, here is the good part.

Here are MyWinterWonderland Snowflakes. I have made them in 9 different colors. Tried to make them all wintery. I have lots of other snowflakes but this one is my favorite out of all of them.

So, Please Enjoy checking out my kit so far. Also, Please Let me know what you think so far, either good or bad.

Please get my snowflakes

These are being added to my store
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