Sunday, June 26, 2011

ApriltheScrapaholic Kits: Crome Name Frames - All That I Have Made so Far

Ok everyone,  someone asked for a way to better find their names that they've requested so I am posting this so you can see all the names I've made.  I have also linked this post to the preview on the right (which is the same preview as below) and I will continue to update as I make them.   Lets see how that works.  I'm still going to give out 1 name a day and I'll add it to the end of the list.  But I've decided not to make previews for every name anymore.  Takes so much time.  So I'll use this preview everytime I post a name and I'll specify that name in the title. 

Here are the Group Crome Name Frames for the Letter




Crome Name Frames - Set 1

Here are the Requested names that I have made so far:

You can also find them in my Store by clicking the link below

ApriltheScrapaholic Kits: Crome Name Frames - All That I Have Made so Far: "Ok, I decided to just make a list of all the crome name frame links that I have made so far. So here goes. I'll try to keep it updated for..."


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 6 post on Jun. 27, 2011. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for these wonderful Chrome Name Frames. Would you be so kind to do the following names in the 3 pack set? Mark, Isabel, James, Lila & Julianna. And Brandon in Black. Thanks again and looking forward to more of your posts.

Anonymous said...

You are so generous! Thank you so much for sharing with us! I know you will be blessed.

ApriltheScrapaholic said...

Brandon and James are already made and posted in the list. I'll work on the others.

Barbi said...

These are awesome! Most of the names I need are here. Do you have plans to make Scott & Thomas? Thanks for sharing your talent.

Sylvia said...

These are wonderful!
On your 'to do' list, would you please do one for my three girls - Katie, Magic and Sadie?
Thank you so much!

Pamey said...


Thank you for sharing your talent with us to freely. Could you please do a "Class of 2012"? We are starting the school year off with so many activities that would be great with that frame. Thank you, Pamey58

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you so much for these name frames...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the frame options! If you find time to add to your to-do list, would you please also make Andrea, Lauren, Morgan and Jackson? Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Love your frames. Would you mind doing Avery again but in the black mask option? Thanks!

dragonfly60 said...

Wow these are incredible! Thank you so much for sharing these with us. Could you make a Jonathan or Jon and Hudson? Just when you think we'll go back to everyday names, there is a new one.
Irene L.

craftyjay said...

Hi April, I just love the idea of the name frames! I was looking for one for my daughter and my heart jumped when I saw selection #8 Alyssa... but my daughter's name is ALYSSIA - I find it impossible to buy any personalised items for her = my fault I know, I should have spelled it the traditional way! I wonder if you would consider creating an ALYSSIA frame? Thank you!

Pamey said...

Thank you for the name frames. Could you do Class of 2012 and Rachel? Thank you!

Michelle said...

I have a unique spelling for my daughter...she's always bummed she can never find her name in anything unless we special order. Could you do Analeigh? Thanks so much and these are really nice looking frames.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!! I grabbed a few name frames - you are so generous!

scrapster99 said...

I am requesting Kieran and Hugh please! Thank you for these nice gifts.

Anonymous said...

I just love your frames.would you have Skye.Fionn.Daragh.Kate.Martina.i have so many grand

Anonymous said...

These are so awesome! could you make a Nick, Jamie, Ron, Richard pleazzee! ty :)

Anonymous said...

am also bummed cannt find anything with this spelling- HAILEY

Anonymous said...

How about Melissa. Thanks, these are great!

Anonymous said...

Could you make the names

Thank You so much

Anonymous said...

Please could you make Olivia and Gianna

Thank You

BoeBoe said...

Would appreciate;

Michelle's Writ on Words Wordart said...

Your post caught my attention when I saw Livy. I downloaded it and came back to see what else you had. I was so excited to see you were making some custom requests. I would love it if you would make Livyana and Morgana. These will make awesome scrap additions. They are really cute. Thank you so much. Michelle

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