Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Personal CT Call and Freebie Wordart too!

I've decided to have another CT Call.  I do already have 2 great Ct's that I love but I am still needing a few more to help me get my kits out there.

I don't really require a whole lot.  I give you my kits in return for 2 layout per kit.  Only requirement is that you post in several galleries and your social media.  So you can post on let say ScrapbookFlair and another gallery and then post on your Facebook page or even my Facebook Group page would be fine and/or Pinteres, Twitter, Tumbler, you blog or whatever else you use.  Post where you would normally post your pages and then credit the kit to me.  Also I give you time to post them but I would say a month at least would be good but I make a lot of kits so I don't think you will want to wait too long.  :)  Also it is not a requirement but a request that you join our forum and post in the gallery there.  We have lots of challenges that I host there too and it would be great if you joined in on all the fun but like I said not a requirement.  Just if you can't do the forum please let me post your pages for you on there at least.  I already do that with one Ct.  And I would post them under your Ct Name as layouts for me.  

So if you are interested you can find me here on my blog 
(I do have a store blog and main blog)

my email

 ( I have a personal profile and a store profile, a page and a group)

My facebook groups:
(one is an Ad group and one a CT layout group)

My Store is HERE at Wilma4Ever
(I only design for Wilma)

Our Forum is HERE

Gallery for Forum is HERE

OK Here is your freebie wordart for today.

Also Wilma4Ever is having a Designer/CT call too if you are interested.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

CU Savings and a Freebie!

Check out our Tuesday CU Savings


Here are some new CU items that I have added.

CU Leaves Set 5 - CU/PU 

Regular price $4.99    Sale: $2.99
Save: 40% off Here

 CU Leaves Set 4 - CU/PU

Regular price $4.99    Sale: $2.99
Save: 40% off Here

 CU Leaves Set 2 - CU/PU

Regular price $4.99    Sale: $2.99
Save: 40% off Here

 CU Flowers - Set 5 - CU/PU

Regular price $4.99    Sale: $2.99
Save: 40% off Here

CU Flowers - Set 4 - CU/PU

 Regular price $4.99    Sale: $2.99
Save: 40% off Here

* * * * * * * * * *

You get both of the wordarts in this download


Saturday, October 25, 2014

ApriltheScrapaholic Kits: Weekend Deals and Freebie Wordart too!

ApriltheScrapaholic Kits: Weekend Deals and Freebie Wordart too!: Check out our Weekend Deals At Wilma4Ever. ...

Friday, October 24, 2014

Freebie wordart and upcoming events at Wilma4Ever

Sorry I have been so busy trying to get everything done for our upcoming events at Wilma4ever.  Plus working my full-time job takes a lot out of me too. 
* * * * * *
iNDSD is happening the Oct 31st - Nov 3rd and we are having another BAK plus all sorts of other events.  I am even hosting a speed/slow scrap so please join in the future fun.  
 * * * * * *
Also we are doing the At Play blogtrain on November 15th, Boys and Girls kits and we are also having a BAK for that one to in the store.  It's going to be quite fun.
Boys At Play

Girls At Play
 * * * * * *
Also November 14 - 17th Wilma4Ever turns 5 years old.  So we have lots going on there too.  I think we are going to have a blog hop for that one.
* * * * * *

Monday, October 20, 2014

Sample Kit Challenge and a Freebie

So sorry I missed yesterday, I was really tired. :)

But I have a mini kit for you today.

We are still doing the Sample Kit Challenge at Wilma4Ever.
You can find all the challenges HERE that we have done already

This one is for October and you can find the October one HERE

in case you want to participate for this month.  If you make something and post it you will get a prize at the end of the challenge. 

Here's the Challenge hosted by EmJay Scraps

All kits made must have these requirements.  So fun to do.  I never know how it's going to end until I am done.  

This is what I came up with for this month.
Sample Kit Challenge - October 2014 

And to get all the other's free you just go to the Make my Day thread in the forum where all the other free mini kits are being posted.  So come check it out.  It's really fun.

So participate in the challenge HERE

You must be registered in the forum to participate or get the freebies.  But it is all completely free.
Plus you can check out all the other Make my Day items that other people have posted too.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Freebie Template and Card Challenge in the forum

Make a card using my template and post your card in the forum thread HERE  and the gallery HERE and receive a prize at the end of the challenge.

Get it free
HERE in my store

These shapes are also in my store at 40% 
off this month if you want to go get them.

Buy them here for only .90 cents this month.

A prize will be given to all participants at the end of the challenge. 

Here is a layout made by Miggins

Friday, October 17, 2014

ApriltheScrapaholic Kits: Pleasing to the Eyes

ApriltheScrapaholic Kits: Pleasing to the Eyes: New Wordart Pleasing to the Eyes DOWNLOAD HERE

ApriltheScrapaholic Kits: Nighty Night Time

ApriltheScrapaholic Kits: Nighty Night Time: More Freebie Wordart you can download it at the link at the bottom of this post I finally got my ful-size kit Vibrant Autumn added...

ApriltheScrapaholic Kits: The Wilma4Ever Blogtrain has Arrived: ANIMAL KING...

ApriltheScrapaholic Kits: The Wilma4Ever Blogtrain has Arrived: ANIMAL KING...: Welcome to the 4ever Animal Kingdom Blogtrain! ***********************   You can find my store by clicking link below http:/...

ApriltheScrapaholic Kits: Wordart Freebie - Majestic Giraffe

ApriltheScrapaholic Kits: Wordart Freebie - Majestic Giraffe: Here is a wordart freebie that goes with my blog train freebie from yesterday. DOWNLOAD HERE I have added these to the store too!...

Saturday, October 11, 2014

He Knelt to the ground ...

New Wordart :)

Hope you like it.

Also don't forget about our Weekend Deals.  Everything is only $1.
* * * * *
* * * * *

* * * * *

* * * * *
October 2014 Thank You Gift

* * * * *
Click link below to get your freebie !!

Designer and Creative Team Call

We are looking for professional, creative one of a kind designers and creative team members who are willing to be active in our forum and gallery.
Designer Benefits: (Apply Here)
Sliding commission based on participation.
Private Area, freedom to create your own sales, coupons and more in your area.
A full forum and gallery to post your creations and post your layouts.
Access to our social media, blog, facebook, facebook groups, twitter, pintrest, ect to advertise your work.
Store admins who create 2 weekly newsletters advertising your products and more.
Active, helpful fellow team members to help guide you and encourage you along the way.
We have a family and we would like to have you join us!
Creative Team Benefits: (Apply Here)
Must post at least 2 layouts, a freebie, to post in our gallery and 2 more of your choice.
Advertise our designer products in your social media and ours.
Access to in store approved designer kits of your choice for FREE.
Full access to our forum, gallery, blog, facebook group, and more.
Active, helpful fellow team members to help guide you and encourage you along the way.
We have a family and we would like to have you join us!
Full details will be sent upon application for either team area.


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Who loves Halloween? Let's go Trick or Treating!

 Let's go Trick or Treating 

at Wilma4Ever!

 Hey everyone, let's to trick or treating! The trick is to search trough our forum to find the words listed below. Those are your treats. They will look exactly like you see them in the box below. They can be in any thread. There are a total of 12. When you find one just click on that word to get a special treat that corresponds to that word.

Once you have found all of your treats please come back to this thread here and post a layout using some of the treats that you have found. All of your treats have been donated by me (ApriltheScrapaholic). Feel free to use any of the other kits made by our designers from our Wilma4Ever store. You must use at least 50% Wilma4Ever items.

You can find my store by clicking link below

At the end of the month when all the layouts have been placed here I will send you a huge prize for your wonderful layouts that you have made.

I can't wait to see all of your layouts. Have fun trick or treating!

Make sure you read all about it HERE

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