Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More Wedding Photos............I got from Chad

I just got some more photos from a friend that took pictures at our wedding. Lori took most of my photos but couldn't take them at the beginning of the wedding because she was in it! So I didn't have many from the start and my friend came thru. He got some great shots of me and my dad, plus a couple of great ones of Conner, our ring-bearier, who walked with me and dad. He was such a cutie. I also got some more of Ashleigh too. She looked like she was being a little shy. Which usually she isn't. Love the photos. Here are some of them.

Love this photo but man........did I have to laugh so big!.....Conner's so sweet and I just loved having my daddy there with me.

Here we are..............Mr and Mrs Zaragosa!

My Shaylee in her dress. She also has pink pearls but you can't see them. She was the ball of the party. She was so wonderful. She didn't even bring her ball not even once to anyone. (Which she does consistently every minute of the day - haha) She sat with people and watched. I swear when I ever (which really isn't very often) put clothes on her she acts like a little princess. Totally changes. I think she thinks she's human. Funny huh. She loves to dress up.

Now don't get me wrong. I only do it very little. I got them coats to wear at Christmas, 2 are faux fur coats and the other two are wool-like with leather. Too cute. I even have halloween costumes for them but have never actually put them on them. But the coats are adorable. And they love them. Maybe it's because they actually go somewhere when they wear them but it's still too cute. This time they got to party!

Didn't get photos of Jojo though. Someone took his off after just a little bit and I didn't find it till the next day. It was a little bit big for him anyway. But he was cute too.

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