Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sorry..........I was MIA for a while because...............

Hi Everyone,
So, so sorry I was MIA for a while. Remember my new computer that I got from Christmas. Well, I went to my moms the other day, actually the first of the month, and I took the current computer that I have been using this whole time to my moms for my little nephew to use for school. To be honest, besides being a huge procrastinater, I hated to see it go. I've had it about 8-10 yrs now and I only had minor problems with it. Its hard to let go of a good thing even though what I was getting in return would be so so much better.
Well, I had built the new computer way before I had left but hadn't tried it out yet. I know it sounds like I'm lazy, but I had to disconnect the old one from monitor and all that stuff to try it out. Which is not hard at all. I just kept doing stuff on the old computer. Like talking with yall, checking emails, making my kits, making pages and just keeping up with the store. Just so easy to keep using the same computer.
So when I got home and hooked my NEW one up.........it didn't work. Wouldn't even come one. You can imagine my distress. Took me a week to realize that it wasn't anything to do with me putting it together...........the power supply was out. They say 80-85 % of the time, when you have your computer shipped to you and it doesn't come on, it's the power supply. So, I bought a new one and put it in and it worked.
But that is only the beginning. Then I had to do the bios and make sure everything worked. Then install windows. Then I couldn't get my internet on. I had to install a new network card and then come to find out the cord to my internet modem was not working. So now it's hooked up thru USB. Whew...............!!!
So then yeah! I finally got on the internet. Now I'm trying to get all my programs on. I did get photoshop on but I can't seem to find my Microsoft Digital Imaging Program. I can't live without that one. I have to have it. So, my mom is mailing a copy of hers to me so I can install it. I am sure I'll find it after she sends me hers. Always do.
So I'm back but I don't have anything for you yet. I did buy photoshop 7 for dummies to get me more used to photoshop. I know it's a better program. I'm just used to the other. So bare with me for a little bit. I'll be back to my usual stuff in no time.
Look at it this way though. With the few problems...lol.........that I had...............I built my own computer for less than $450. Isnt' that fantastic and I love it. It's so fast and much smoother than the other one. It also glows blue.....lol. Really! It does. Even the box fan in the back glows blue and I also have a digital thing on the back that lets me know the temp of my system. Too cool! Also, I now have a 2.6 ghz processor instead of a 1.something. And I have 3 gb of RAM instead of the 1 gb RAM in the old computer (which was the highest it could have). I can have a total of 8gb RAM on this computer but I read that windows only supports up to 4 gb. That's just what I read though.
But I built it. I just hope that it lasts as long as my other one.
So, I'll see you later. I have to catch up.

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