Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hi Everyone............I'm finally back on!

Hey Everyone,

So sorry, I am finally back on.  Now I'm completely lost.  Or at least I feel like it.  I finally got my virus protection back on my computer.  I've actually been able to get on the internet since the 15th but was very afraid too due to lack of that protection.  So today's my first day back.  Whew!  That was just not fun.  But I look at it this way, my computer is fresh and clean now.  Got rid of all the excess crud that I had on it.  Stuff I never use.  And don't worry I didn't loose everything because it's all stored elsewere.  Learned that one the hard way.  LOL  But I did have to redo everything.  Still have to get some more things on here but I'm all cool now. 


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