Saturday, March 23, 2013

Out Cold - Wordart Freebie

I am so sorry guys. With being the forum manager at Wilma4Ever and trying to get kits done I have been a little relaxed with my blogs.  I didn't realize I hadn't posted in a bit.  I have new wordart for you today.  I'm gonna try to prepost more so I don't forget again.  Plus I think I've been in a kind of scrapbook daze of sorts.  I've done so much lately that I'm at a standstill for the moment and not sure what to do.   I think I'm just tired and working 40hrs a week at night doesn't help me.  Half the time I'm waking up at the computer wondering what I was doing before.  LOL

Ok here's your freebie for today.  Hey if any of you want to request any wordart just leave me a comment and I'll make it for you.  It's hard coming up with new stuff sometimes.  :)

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Jewel Tones - Mini Kit $1.99  $1.00
Save: 50% off

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Max: 1

Jewel Tones - Mini Kit

Here is my mini-kit to go with my Jewel Tones Kit.  There are 5 papers at 12x12 size 300dpi and all elements are shown in preview.
Sleepy Time Lambs $2.99  $1.00
Save: 67% off

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Max: 1

Sleepy Time Lambs

Here is a mini-kit called "Sleepy Time Lambs".  There are 5 papers 12x12 300 dpi and 32 elements that include 5 hand drawn lambs in...
In Bloom - Mini Kit $1.99  $1.00
Save: 50% off

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Max: 1

In Bloom - Mini Kit

Here is my Wilma4Ever Blogtrain Sampler freebie for my "In Bloom" kit.  It has a coordinating kit for sale in the store.  There...
On the Farm - Full Kit $3.99  $1.00
Save: 75% off

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Max: 1

On the Farm - Full Kit

Here is my part of the blogtrain for the On the Farm Theme.  There are 12 papers (not shown in preview) at 12x12 300 dpi.  There are 6...
Twilight Saga - Mini Kit $2.99  $1.00
Save: 67% off

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Max: 1

Twilight Saga - Mini Kit

This is my part of the blogtrain for the Twilight Saga Them.  There are 6 papers at 12x12 300 dpi and 15 elements.

1 comment:

Nancy said...

Thanks...this is perfect for a picture of my son!

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