Sunday, August 30, 2015

Mask freebie and info

Hey everyone,
Just so you know I haven't been ignoring you.  I am having computer problems.  For some reason, and maybe it's because I have windows 10 now, I am having problems using all of my photo type software.  The software I usually use works with almost everything except my paper previews and text/wordart.  I can't add text to anything.  I use Microsoft Digital Imaging to make everything.  I can make elements and papers.  But I can't bring up a font at all.  The only program I have that I can add text to anything is and it won't rotate or anything.  I can't copy/paste it.  I am so frustrated right now. So I can't make any freebie wordart for you until I figure out what's wrong.
My photoshop7 won't even open.  I downloaded a trial version of paint shop pro 8 and it won't open.   I even download the free software from scrapbook flair and it won't open either.  At least my Microsoft Digital Imaging opens.  So I have to make stuff in it that doesn't require fonts and then open it in to add any font/words.  
I checked my task manager to see what's using up all my RAM because I thought that was the problem but not much is being used.  Nothing is open using it up.  So I am out of ideas.  Thought about reinstalling my software but if all the recent software won't work then I am pretty sure that isn't the problem.  I ran malware/adware security and nothing turned up.  Turned the computer on and off and that didn't solve the problem either.  And I would say it's windows 10 but I had it almost a month before my computer started acting up.  I was using everything fine until then.  
So if anyone else is having any troubles that can relate to mine, please let me know and let me know how you have fixed it.  It may just be me.  I have no idea.
Also since I can't make any wordart for you.  I have joined 2 more blogtrains that depart on September 1st.  They will post on my other blog and then I'll copy it onto here for you.  So you will get two free mini kits from me then along with the Wilma4Ever blogtrain on the 15th.  
Download at 4shared HERE

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