Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Almost forgot..........

I wanted to thank makeyesup for the wonderful comment......Thank you for thinking of me as a designer already. I guess you are right....I am one. I just learned all this stuff on my own with no formal training. Basically made it all up myself. And I love it. I am an artist at heart. I paint sceneries, draw people and do all sorts of other stuff so the creative side of me has always been there. But I truly love doing this.

I mean I went to college for computers, wanted to go into designing, and they put me with accounting. I learned all kinds of computer languages which was really cool and hard but when it got to the computer accounting, I bowed out. Not my thing. I'm good with numbers but not that good. Or I don't have a want to be that good I guess. Moved here to go to art school but hadn't made the step yet. Almost 40 now and I am not sure if I really want to go back to school.

But this is one of my favorite past-times and I think I'm good at it. Not great at it yet but I'm really trying. There's a lot I don't know. I guess you would probably learn something new all the time. New techniques. Or just new and easier way of doing thing. I'm not as experienced as some of the others. But I am definitely going to learn. That's why I hadn't actually called myself a designer yet. Still thinking of myself as the student. When did I become the teacher? LOL So thank you for the wonderful comments. You are all so nice to me. And thank you for giving me the confidence to do all of this. It means a lot to me.

So thank you all. I mean it.

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makeyesup said...

We can't ever stop learning as this is so great for the mind. Went and downloaded all the name templates that I had missed the past week when I was out of town, so here's one big thanks for all of them. Only one I need yet is the pets, will probably pick it up tomorrow. Thanks again, you are super. How's the new house? Are you settled in "almost"?

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