Saturday, October 18, 2008

More Wedding Photos.............

My Honey!! Don't you love those cheeks!

Hi everyone.

I just wanted to post more wedding photos for you all to see. I've even made 1 page with them using my Seashore Wedding kit. I think I'm gonna like my kit. And I'm probably gonna have more stuff to add to the kit. So there is probably gonna be an add-on. Plus I'm gonna do some kind of sampler for you too

The photo above is of me and one of my bestfriends Christine. She drove 2 hrs to get here for my wedding with her 3 amazing and beautiful kids.

And above is my beautiful cake that Lori's daughter, Amanda made for me. Isn't it perfect. Simple but very pretty.

The shells are the same ones that I used to make my kit. Pretty cool.

And Don't worry. I'm getting back to the names too. Just gotta get back into the "groove". I'm kind of out of sinc right now.

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makeyesup said...

Great pics and congratulations. Sounds like the wedding was exactly what you wanted it to be.

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