Thursday, January 5, 2012

Black Name Frame - Bradley

Hey everyone,

Me and my brother went an saw Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.  It was really good.  I don't know how Tom didn't end up falling off that building....Whew.  I was actually not sure if it would be that good.  The only other one that I liked was MI2 which was awesome.  Wasn't so impressed with the first or thrird one but this one was very good. 

I also got excited (too quickly) because we saw a preview from the Expendables 2.  I loved the first movies.  But when I watched the preview it listed the characters and showed a glimpse of each one.  But the preview was really dark.  And I got so excited because it said Hemsworth on there and I swear it was Chris' face.  And I don't know if you all know it yet but he has a younger brother named Liam.  He was in that romatic comedy with Miley Cyrus and mostly has been in soap operas - at least from what I've read.  Personally I think Chris is way far cuter/sexier.  But when I looked at the credits for the movies the brother in it is Liam.  So tell me?  How do you choose a romantic star over and action star to play in the Expendables?  Come on, it's Thor.  LOL  I'm sure Liam will do good in it though.  I just haven't seen him in any movies yet.  I watched Chris in Star Trek - he played George Kirk (his father) and made me cry. Watched Ca$h which was really good.  Fealt really sorry for him and his wife in that one.  Sean Bean is just so mean in that one.  OH yeah, he was the guy in the Perfect Getaway - you know the one that had "Do not Resuscitate" tatooed on his chest.  You think he's the bad guy in the film.  Great movie.  All the actors in that movie are magnificent.  And then there's Thor which I absolutely loved.  (as you can tell)  He's also coming out in one called Cabin in the Woods and a remake of Patrick Swayze's film Red Dawn and another I just saw called Rush.  I guess he is too busy. 

Here they are.  Chris on the left and Liam on the right.

here are some more.........Liam on the left and Chris on the right.
 I have a feeling these guys are going to be all over Hollywood soon.

Oh well, I'll still watch it.  Loved Stallone in the movie last time and all the same characters are in it except they've added Chuck Norris and Van Damme.  Should be cool.  Sorry, had to vent.  Guess Chris was too tied up playing in the new Avengers movie and the Snow White and the Huntsman movie.  Can't wait for those either.

Here's your freebie!

I added this to the store today.
Decided the kit needed some memo tags/journal tags.

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dragonfly60 said...

I adore your name frames! Is it possible to get frames for BARNEY and GUS? These are so helpful in pages and really give some pizzazz to things. Thank you so much for sharing your talent.
Irene L.

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