Thursday, December 30, 2010

Name Frames - Sandy

Finally a day off.  Now I can rest and get something done before I go back to work on Saturday.  I love going to my moms but I sometimes don't feel rested when we get back because I usually end up going to work as soon as we get here.  I know the drive is only 3 hrs to and 3 hrs from my moms but lately the driving makes me super tired.  I noticed it took some wear and tear on my brother too. 

So, I'm looking forward to a day of doing nothing.  LOL.  Thinking about going to go see a movie. 
Well, here's your name for today.  Talk to you all later.  I'm gonna go snuggle up with my puppies in my bed.  They are such snuggle bunnies. 

Here is the next set of name frames - Sandy.


Anonymous said...

Bonjour April,
I've just been downloading your very nice named templates for the end of year holidays. Merci beaucoup !
This is the very first time i visit your blog so i have been reading your last posts.
I would have names requests if i may though they are French. I would understand if you can't make them : CHANTAL and FRANCA
Anyway, thank you very much to share this very good idea.
I wish you a happy New Year full of warmth and joy.
C from Paris :) ♥

Shayna said...

Hi April,

I found your blog today. Your Chrome Name Frames are fabulous!!!!!!!!!! what a great idea. Do you take requests???? If you do when you have time will you please make frames with the names Dylan, Justin, Kelly and Mackenzie.

Have a safe, happy and wonderful New Year :)


Crystalnva said...

HAPPY 2011 !!!

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