Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Crome Name Frames - ALISHIA

Oh wow, sorry guys.  I must have lost track.  I am really trying to get my new kit finished but I just keep making stuff for it.  I have lots of it in the store already but I'm not thru with some of the pieces.  Today I have been working on the Poker portion of the "Fun & Games" kit.  I made blackjack tables and more really cool poker chips.  I had some basic one but the new ones are way more detailed and come in several different colors.  Then I also made a very cool poker chip alpha that comes in red, blue and white chips - only in Upper and Numeric.  Now I'm gonna try to get a roulette table, spinner and a slot machine in there somewhere or at least hopefully. 

So here are the pieces that will all be included with the full-size kit.  However, if you want only the separate mini-kits then you can get those.  (And they aren't very mini-kits, they are practically full-size pieces)

Also when I introduce the whole thing as a lets say mega-full-size kit there will be pieces that weren't offered in the mini kit.  Extra elements and papers - that include gameboards (my versions of) sorry, twister and possibly others, maybe clue?  We'll see.  But Twister and Sorry are already made.

So the final kit is going to be absolutely huge. 

Preview of freebie for today.

Here are previews of what is in the store already:

My Chess and Checkers kit.

My Dominoe kit

My Dice kit

My Money kit -(monopoly)

Part of the Card Kit (still finishing the rest) 
I just have the Queens to finish in my deck of cards.

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