Monday, February 20, 2012


Hey everyone, how are you doing?  I have the rest of the requested crome name frames for you today for the letter A, B and C.  And just to let you know after I've had all of these on for a bit I'm going to do some major spring cleaning of my 4shared acct.  I'll give you all time to download everything but I'm going to delete all the freebie name frame downloads and replace them thru my payloadz acct.  And when I do that I will have a download for every letter and not each individual name.  After that if more names get requested then I will just update that folder and then put that individual request at  All of the downloads will remain where they are.  I just have to clean out and make room in my 4shared acct so I can send kits to ct members.  Plus it will be easier getting all your names for that letter in one spot.  Or at least I think so.  I just went through all the folders and got rid of every batch folder leaving only 1 black name frame and 1 crome name folder.  So I can't make those folders back up after I delete them.  So get them while you can or just wait until I get them all in my payloadz acct.

Here's your freebie for today!  And I have more layouts from China Doll.
Again the download link will be at the end of the post.

Here are the list of names in the download link.

Here are more pages from China Doll using our "Love my Pets" kit.

I absolutely adore this one.  Gimli is so cute!
This one she used only my portion of the kit.
 And in this one she used mine and some other
blotrain members contributions to make the kit.
Love it.
 And here is a layout from my "I Love You" kit.
So pretty China Doll!

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