Monday, July 28, 2008

A layout using my Baby Isabella Kit........................

I made this scrapbook page using my Baby Isabella kit. These are photos of the mom and dad to be of Isabella, Amanda and Jimmy. This is Isabellas baby shower. We got Isabella her very first teddie bear that was a light brown with baby green writing that said first teddy bear. That was a gift to Isabella from my Shaylee and JoJo, you all know how she shares her stuffed animals (not). haha. Then Jose and I got her blankets, a dress, some one's-sees (however you spell it), baby bath, baby lotion, baby powder, receiving blankets, a pacifier with the attachment so little Isabella doesn't loose it and a teething ring. I put it all inside a cute little basket to keep her clothes or whatever in. I really hope she liked everything we got her. Aren't they such a cute set of parents.

Everyone is telling me not to do the frames individually anymore. Noone likes it. I just saw someone else doing that and thought I would try it. Very relieved that you didn't like it. It as a pain. I'm going to redo the last ones and correct my misspelling and give it to you in a batch with probably more names included. Thanks for responding. Glad to have all of your input. Still have a long list of names. You can keep sending in the names. I'll just keep doing them for you. Makes a great freebie to give to all of you as long as you don't mind me getting them done when I can. Take care all and I'll get back with you. I have to go to sleep now. Got to go to work at midnight again.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for zipping up the frames, it's much easier to download that way. If you still taking names, I did not see Katie, Caroline, Jamie, Meghan, Jill, Sue, Kelly or Greg. Perhaps I missed them. Just trying to complete all my kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews. There are so many. You are appreciated for all you do and offer.

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