Friday, June 15, 2007

About Me

Hello Everyone,

I'm just sitting here playing on the computer while playing fetch with my little lhasa apso/poodle puppy Shaylee. She is obsessed with this orange plastic squishy ball. She love me to throw it....ALL THE TIME..she even brings it to me when I am asleep. But I wouldn't trade it for anything. She's such a joy. I have another puppy named, jojo. He's the same breed. He could care less about the ball. He like to jump into my arms whether I'm ready for him or not. They are so sweet and in case you haven't figured out, they are a very important part of my existence. I have many scrapbook pages to prove it.

I also have a fiance named Jose that I adore. WE love to go fishing, camping and kayaking whenever we can..but with 2 jobs its kind of hard to find the time.

So my life is very fulfilling with the 3 of them and that doesn't include my family. So I have much to scrap.

I also love to take photos.....of anything. It's as much a hobby as scrapbooking. I have a Minolta Dimage Z6 which has 6 megapixals. It takes great photos as long as I take great photos. I plan to post lots of photos and scrapbook pages. Hope you enjoy!
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