Monday, November 30, 2009

Last day to get your recipes in!!!! and a quick page for you......

Hey everyone.

Today's my deadline for getting recipes in but if you get them to me late I'll send them on to everyone too. But I'm sending the majority I got now out by the 5th of Dec. I know a lot of people bought the kit but some still haven't sent the recipe in to me.

So here is my email address if you still need to send it to me:

I made a page using my Let it Snow kit. The deer and christmas ball and paper tag are part of another kit I'm currently making.

Heres the page.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Freebie from Ginger and me plus don't forget to send me a recipe!

I decided to make us christmas cards this year and order them through ArtsCow as photos. I think they will work well. Guess we will see. I get free 4x6 and 5x7 photos where I only pay for shipping. So I made 2 as quickpages for you in both sizes. Here's what my cards look like. I just used our wedding photo. Can't seem to get my hubby to take any more

Also, Ginger made an adorable page using my New Holiday Baking 2 kit.
Only 2 more days left to send me some recipes. They are both on sale for 45% off at both stores.

Holiday Baking by ApriltheScrapaholic

Holiday Baking 2 - Addon by ApriltheScrapaholic

The cards are still free too! Click banner boxes below to go to the
store of your choosing to find each piece.
Both kit's 46% off making them $2.74 each.

Square Banner for Dazzling Scraps Square Banner for ScrapitSassy

Here is Ginger's page:

Download on Ginger's Blog Here

Now here are my Christmas Cards
Here's the 5x7 size:

and Here's the 4x6 size:

Download both here

OH yeah! Your version doesn't have our picture or photos of shaylee and jojo on the bottom and the tag is empty of message. LOL

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hey everyone. Don't forget to send me your recipes!

This is too cute. Check it out!

Hey Everyone,

There's only a few days left.
Get them Here
at ScrapitSassy or at Dazzling Scraps
The recipe cards are still free too!
until Nov 30th.
I need some recipes so don't forget to send them to me!

I made one for pecan pie. I thought I'd share it with you today
so you can see what I'm looking for.

I think you can just right click picture and save.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A quickpage from Nita

Nita made this awesome page using my Holiday Baking 2 kit.
I just love it.


Go Here to Download on Nita's Blog

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I made an addition to my fairyland kit called "FairyLand 2" which is only in my store at Dazzling Scraps. It has some new stuff in it but the colors are green yellow and purple. Check it out!

Here's the original kit sold at ScrapitSassy

Fairy Land by ApriltheScrapaholic

And Here's FairyLand2
(click on preview to go to the store at Dazzling Scraps)
Everythings 45% off

Fairy Land 2 by ApriltheScrapaholic

I also have a quick-page for you I made with the kit.

Square Banner for Dazzling Scraps

Here' s the preview:

Download Here

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Quick pages from Lori using my Cowboys N Indians kit

To celebrate Black Friday
we have decided to give you an early bird sale!!
Select Designers will be having $1-$2 Sale
November 25th til midnight CST. 1 day only!!!
www.scrapitsassy. com

My products are all $1
At ScrapitSassy

StoreWideBanner_469x60.jpg picture by ejregnold

Lori made some great quickpages using my Cowboys & Indians kit.

Cowboys & Indians by ApriltheScrapaholic

Fun at the State Fair

Riding Horses - This one's too cute!
Love this one of Conner!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Everything $1 on my Products at ScrapitSassy!

Ok everyone.
We are having a one day sale at ScrapitSassy tomorrow but I started my sale early.

Everything in my store is $1 right now.
Everything. Until midnight the 25th.

So now's your chance to get my baking kits and make me some recipes to share with you all.
Plus take advantage of getting all my other cool kits. lol.
OK, I've got a double whammy for you today!
I made 2 quickpages using both of my Holiday Baking kits!
I think they came our quite nicely.

Here they are. You get both in the one download.

Download Both QP's Here

Monday, November 23, 2009

New Add-on to my Holiday Baking kit

I have made another add-on to my Holiday Baking kit. I decided I needed more to go with the kit. There are 12 papers in 12x12 sizes and there are actually 109 elements. So this is really a full-size kit but goes with the other Holiday Baking kit.

Included with the elements are:
2 ice cream scoops,4 sifters,2 scrapers,4 wooden spatulas,14 wooden spoons, 1 plastic spoon,1 metal fork,1 rolling pin,4 whisks,7 measuring spoons,1 measuring cup,2 glass bowls,4 corn stickers,2 transparent crystal glasses with and without milk,4 plastic drinking glasses, 1 cutting board, 1 white napkin, 1 strainer, 1 pizza cutter, 1 plastic fork, 1 peeler, 3 metal spatulas, 1 dough hook, 4 cooking sheers, 1 candy thermometer, 4 basters, 2 pastry brushes, 6 metal pins/dishes, 1 salt shaker, 1 pepper shaker, 4 thongs, 5 cutting knives, 1 butter knife, 2 patches of spilt flour, 4 plastic bowls and 1 square frame.

I'm gonna have 2 quickpages for you shortly that were made using both kits.

(click preview or banners to go to kits and card freebie in store)

Holiday Baking 2 - Addon by ApriltheScrapaholic

And don't forget my offer. This kit is now currently 45% off to and can be used for the offer too. Any Holiday Baking kit will work to make the recipe cards.

Holiday Baking by ApriltheScrapaholic

These cards are still free in the stores.

Holiday Baking Recipe Cards by ApriltheScrapaholic

Square Banner for Dazzling Scraps Square Banner for ScrapitSassy
Newst items in store:

Cowboys & Indians QP Album by ApriltheScrapaholicLet it Snow Alphas by ApriltheScrapaholic

Let it Snow by ApriltheScrapaholicHallow's Eve QP Album by ApriltheScrapaholic

Hallow's Eve Wordart by ApriltheScrapaholicGoogly Eyeballs by ApriltheScrapaholic

Autumn Kisses Snowglobes by ApriltheScrapaholicJack-O-Lantern Faces by ApriltheScrapaholic

ApriltheScrapaholic and Photomaniac


Friday, November 20, 2009

Quickpages from Ginger and Lori

Sorry I haven't been on her for a while. Never got that freebie to you. Been having problems at home. Or a few plus being a little busy.

Our bathtub is stopped up. My hubby is desperately trying to fix it himself but I'm afraid we're going to have to get more help. It's driving us crazy. We're hoping a root from one of the trees isn't the problem. Also, our thermostat isn't working correctly on our central heat and air. Which wouldn't be too much of a problem but it got down to 38* the other day and it was really quite cold in the house. Brrr! Now it's raining. It's funny though because the air conditioner works but the heater doesn't come on. Go figure.

On good new. Shaylee turned 4 on the 17th. Two days after Ginger's birthday!
I got her more stuffed animals of course. But yesterday I think I got her her greatest present along with my little JoJo. My boss gets her yorkie puppies groomed and her groomer had a photo shooting for puppies. She asked if I would come. Well, I decided to go. At first I wasn't going to get them groomed because I cut them myself but I gave in. And to my complete surprise, I vowed never to cut them myself again. They are both gorgeous. I mean gorgeous. They look like little teddy bears. I'm gonna upload photos that I took and show them to you in a little bit. I also got their photos taken at the groomer's. I had to leave the building for her to take pics so I hope they come out cute. I won't know until Dec 4th. I cannot wait. My bosses dogs were adorable too and I think she got them (4) all in the shot. My friend/fellow worker also got her little coco groomed and he was so cute. He's kind of a brother to my Shaylee and JoJo. They have the same mom and dad but are all from different litters.

Anyway here are some quickpages for you from Ginger and Lori.

Ginger made me another page using my Let it Snow kit.
So beautiful!

Download Here on Ginger's blog

Here is a quickpage from Lori using my Cowboys & Indians kit.

See ya later

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More Let it Snow pages from Ginger and Nita!

My CT's have more great pages for you.
You can get this kit from either ScrapitSassy or Dazzling Scraps.
My kits are 45% off at Dazzling Scraps through the end of November!

Square Banner for Dazzling Scraps Square Banner for ScrapitSassy

This one is so pretty. Great job Ginger!
Download Here on Ginger's Blog
and don't forget her Wordart too!

and here's another page from Nita


I love what she did with the snowflakes.
Another so so pretty page.

Download on Nita's blog Here

Don't forget my offer. I've already started receiving recipe cards.

Ok I've marked my Holiday Baking kit 45% off thru Nov 30th at ScrapitSassy.

And all my products are 45% off starting tomorrow at Dazzling Scraps thru Nov 30th.

The cards are still free too....get them from either store.

Holiday Baking Recipe Cards by ApriltheScrapaholic

Download for free at ScrapitSassy or Dazzling Scraps.

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