Thursday, July 16, 2009

Layout by Ginger and New kit and quickpage from the kit.

I have a new layout by Ginger.
She made this using my Positively Paisley kit.
So pretty. She did a wonderful job.

I also made a new kit and put it in the store.

I made a new kit called Catching Fireflies. I was going to add in my Backyard to the name but decided that it would be too long. Here is a preview of my kit:

And I made a quick-page for you using the kit.
I do hope that you will like it. I think it turned out really well.

I feel I should give credit where credit is due though - even though she says you don't have to.
The tree came from . She gives out freebies that can be used in kits or for whatever you want to use it for. The tire swing is mine though. Her stuff is great. You should go check it out. I just wanted a really good tree for the tire swing and decided to use it. So thank you Grannys Art. I just deepened the colors and stretched it some to match the night sky.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Freedom Brag book Part 3--------------------

This is the third and last portion of the brag book series, at least till I make

Hope you all are enjoying these.

Download Part 3 Here

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Freedom Brag Book 1- Part 2..........................

Here is the second portion of the brag book series for my Freedom kit.

Also don't forget my sale.

Here is your freebie!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Freedom Brag Book 1- Part 1..........................

Here is the first part of the brag book pages. There are 2 pages per download and remember they are all 7x5 sizes.

Download part 1 Here

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Artscow Referral Codes.......................

I got these referral codes from ArtsCow if anyone is interested.

Click logo above link to go to artscow:

I just bought the double-sided photo purse along with the 7x5 hardbook albums and 54 designs cards. The cards are really cool and I can't wait to get the purse in. I put my Shaylee and JoJo on there. I'm thinking about getting one of the blankets too. But I may hold off a while.

Coupon CodeProduct and GiftDaily Limit UsageStart TimeExpire Time

Single design playing card


Single design playing card

306/09/2009 08/17/2009

54 designs playing card


54 designs playing card
506/15/2009 08/17/2009

Classic Handbag (Two sides)


Classic Handbag (Two sides)
506/15/2009 08/26/2009

7x5 Photo Book (40 pages)


7x5 Photo Book (40 pages)

506/15/2009 08/26/2009

Mini Fleece Blanket (Two Sides)


Mini Fleece Blanket (Two Sides)

306/15/2009 08/26/2009

Pillow Case


Pillow Case

307/07/2009 08/26/2009

Classic Tote Bag


Classic Tote Bag

207/07/2009 08/26/2009

Coin Purse


Coin Purse

407/07/2009 08/26/2009

Freebie-----------Freedom Wordart 1

Hi everyone,

I'm posting these ahead of time so I cause the weekend is probably going to wear me out. I noticed that Ginger does this alot so I'm gonna try it.

I made some wordart for you today that I made using my Freedom Kit. I also made brag book pages too that you will get later.

I noticed artscow is making 7x5 hardback books so I decided to make brag book pages that you can use with those. They will be in 7x5 sizes.

You'll get to see them later and it will come in 3 parts.

But for now I have wordart for you.

Here is the preview for the wordart.

Download Here

See you all later.

Americas Got Talent - Country Singer----------this was amazing!

I started watching this and by the time he finished singing, I wanted to give a standing ovation. Part of me thinks that this moved me more than when Garth Brooks actually sang the song, and his version is great! You should watch this.................................

Great Performance!

This girl has an amazing voice too!

And these 3 are wonderful.............great singing group!

I just had to share these....

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Freedome qp3...............................freebie.

And here is your quick pages for today also using my new Freedom Kit.

Here is the preview of the quick-page.

Download Here

Hope that you liked them.

Friday, July 10, 2009

July Collab kit at ScrapitSassy!

I wanted to show you the new collab kit at ScrapitSassy that is going on through July.

I didn't get to participate in it this time. I think it's the first that I missed but it looks really good. So come on over and check it out!
Team Sassy - July Collab
"Happy Campers"
Click on Preview

SIS_JulyCollab_Preview.png picture by ejregnold

Scrap it Sassy

Freedom qp2.......................freebie.

Here is your quick page for today using my Freedom kit.

Don't forget all my products are 50% off in my store thru the end of July!

Here is the preview:

Download Here

I'll be back tomorrow with the other one.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

4th of July layouts of my puppies..................

I made 2 layouts today of my little Shaylee and Jojo using my Freedom kit.

Tomorrow I'll be giving out one of them as a quick-page and then another the next day. I just didn't have time to prepare a preview and get them uploaded to 4shared.

I'm a little crazy. Before my camera finally decided to fall apart on me, ( It still works it's just falling apart........LOL ) I took some photos of my puppies. I like to take photos for people whenever I can. Well, someone told me that a lot of place and/or photographer won't photographer peoples pets. So, I've decided to use my little ones to make a puppy portfolio. I've been collecting little things from holidays like hats, lays, bows and stuff to use when I take little kids photos. Well I thought they might work for the puppies too.

Well, they wouldn't let me put the hats on them probably because they were too big and mostly because they are dogs. So, I put the lays around their necks and laid the hats beside them. I put them in my brown recliner. Bear in mind that I was just playing around. Not serious by any means. I just wanted to see if they might cooperate and they did I thought really well and were awfully cute. Next time when I'm actually serious about it I'll make the surroundings much nice and more photogenic.'s what I came up with.

Here is Shaylee's Layout.

Here are some of her pics.

Love this one....great closeup of her.

Next one is tooooooooooooo funny!

I think she got bored with me because I caught her in this huge yawn. I had to laught after I took this one. Now that I look at it, she looks like she's had one too many. Oh my she's so funny.

Now here is JoJo's layout.

And here's some of his pics.

This is my happy go lucky dog. Nothing bothers him. He's so laid back. I take that back - as long as Shaylee's there nothing bothers him. He has to have his Shaylee with him at all times or he throw a fit. Other than that, he just doesn't care. Sometimes I think he loves her more than he loves me. So cute.

Isn't he just the cutest. And that toungue. I can't take a photo without it being there.

I won't do any real serious photos till I get my new camera. They say it won't arrive until the 15th now. I'm having trouble waiting.

Hope you enjoyed these. I just wanted to share with you.


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