Friday, November 30, 2012

Weekend Deals at Wilma4Ever

Weekend Deals

Tons of great $1 Deals, check out the previews below!
Just a few listed please visit the weekend deals section for even more. :)

Winter's First Snow - Alpha

Winter's First Snow - Alpha

Here is an alpha made using my Winter's First Snow kit.  
This alpha is included with the full-kit.  
There are Uppercase, lowercase,...
Winter's First Snow - Wordart

Winter's First Snow - Wordart

Here is some wordart that goes with my 
Winter's First Snow Kit. 
Christmas Snowglobes - CU/PU

Christmas Snowglobes - CU/PU

Here are some Christmas Snowglobes that 
have snowflakes on the top of them.  CU and PU ok.
Gingerbread Lane - Mini Kit

Gingerbread Lane - Mini Kit

Here is my Gingerbread Lane kit.  
It has 6 papers at 12x12 and 27 elements all at 300 dpi.  
For Personal Use only.
Twilight Saga - Mini Kit

Twilight Saga - Mini Kit

This is my part of the blogtrain for the Twilight Saga Theme.
There are 6 papers at 12x12 300 dpi and 15 elements.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Crome Name Frame - Krillin




Sunday, November 25, 2012

Huge Sale - Black Friday thru Cyber Monday

Huge Sale!
From Black Friday thru Cyber Monday
Unbelievable Prices
You have to see it for yourself!
This is your chance
To get the best deals of the year
Only at!!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday thru Cyber Monday Sales

Black Friday Deals! You filled your tummy now it's time to fill your hard drive. :) Come to the shop and check all the sales!

* * * * *
Black Friday Featured Sales!


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone
I just wanted to drop in and say hello.  I am at my moms house having Thanksgiving with my family.  I got here early yesterday and I am using my little brother's laptop to post to you all.  I don't have anything here to give you all freebies so you will have to wait until I get back on Saturday.  I thought that I had pre-posted more than I had :)
We are having a good time.  Got to see all my family.  Had a great meal.  We had a lot of fun with a rotissori oven cooking a turkey.  My brothers pretty much hog-tied that turkey to fit inside it.  LOL  I turned out pretty good though. 
Also wanted to tell you that we are having a black-friday thru cyber-monday sale weekend.  I am putting my store at 60% off all products over $2 if anyone is interested. 
Have a great holiday everyone.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's our Birthday

It's our birthday, but you get the gifts!

Join Wilma4Ever November 17 & 18 for:
Click at the offer to get there!
* storewide 50% sale the whole weekend
to be used on your next purchase
* free tutorial (see below)
speed scrap at 3pm PST on the 17th. INFO HERE

Want to win $150, $70 or $50???

Make sure you read our thread HERE, maybe you'll be the lucky one!

See you all at!



Friday, November 16, 2012

Indian Summer CT Layouts


China Doll made this for the Tag Surprise Challenge with 
Brenda's Girl Power kit and added a special Birthday greeting to W4E using Nanny's birthday cake. 
(The balloon is from Aprilthescrapaholic's Birthday Girl Kit).

I thought the tag was really cute and wanted to share China Dolls work with you. 

Indian Summer layouts by China Doll


This one is by me using my Indian Summer Kit


And these are by Lavender Passion




Wishes Granted in the Forum

Because it's our Birthday we are granting wishes!

Did you know there is a WISH LIST button just to the left (and down a bit) from the ADD TO CART button on each product page in the store? Put several items on your wish list NOW because we are randomly granting wishes!

So what do you have to do?

Go to our store and put some lovely products from the following designers at your wishlist:

1. Pinks Poetic Scraps
2. Moody Designz
3. Wilma4ever
4. Creations by Rain
5. Brenda's Scrap Design
6. Stargazer Musings
7. Designs by Digiscrapations
8. Disyas Digitals Designs
9. ApriltheScrapaholic

Post in this thread a comment that you have put some products to your wishlist and you will be surprised what these generous designers will give you!

Have fun!!!

Freebie Giveaways in our Forum!

Because it's our Birthday we are giving away lot's of Free Gifts to you!!!

The fun is allready started, but more freebies will follow on Saturday and Sunday. At least 20 designers and creative team members are giving away things here in the forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BUT: You have to be a forum member to see this part of the forum, so you have to register to the forum and post a few post (an introduction should be nice!)

Then you go to the MAKE MY DAY section of the forum and you can see during the whole weekend which designer is giving away something!

Make sure you visit the forum a several times during the days of the weekend, because some freebies are only available for a few hours!

Have fun!!

Match Me Sale at Wilma4Ever

In the Birthday Weekend of 17 & 18 November you are getting your money back during the Match Me Sale!

How does this work?

You shop in the stores from the designers listed here:

1. ApriltheScrapaholic
2. Pinks Poetic Scraps
3. Moody Designz
4. PattyB Scraps
5. Wilma4ever
6. Sugarbutt Designs
7. Memory Lane Creations
8. Creations by Rain
9. Brenda's Scrap Design
10. Designs by Stina
11. Tootypup Scraps
12. Stargazer Musings
13. Puddicat Creations
14. Lemur Designs

When you are finished shopping on the 17th and 18th, you check out like you normally do. When you made a purchase you got the order confirmation from the store.

All you have to do to get a coupon with the same amount of your purchase from one of these designers is forward your order confirmation to
Make sure you put in the subject line: MATCH ME with the name of the designer(s) at it

So when you bought something from Puddicat and Sugarbutt you forward the order confiramtion in the subject line like this: MATCH ME PUDDICAT & SUGARBUTT

A coupon with the same amount you spend from these designers will be send to you by the designers.

So you can shop 2 times for 1 price!

Have fun shopping!

It's our Birthday at Wilma4Ever!!

Because it's our Birthday we are running a

Storewide 50% OFF Sale!!!

So make sure you visit our store to grab some wonderful products with a great discount!

See you all at!


I answered a blog readers question and I just thought I'd let you all know that I will be zipping all these names up on one file.  Each letter will be in their own folder - one for the black name frames and one for the crome name frames.  I just need a little time to get them done.  But yes I will be doing that :)


Thursday, November 15, 2012

The W4E Blog Train has Departed - Indian Summer

The Wilma4Ever Blog Train has Departed
 Welcome to the Wilma4Ever "Indian Summer" Blog Train!
Here's the Blogtrain Slideshow, check out all the gorgeous goodies everyone has made...

Please remember that we're all on different time zones, so come back if the other designers do not have their parts up yet. And remember to leave some love for the designers, that's what keeps them participating each month!!! Continue following the Blog Train from the list below to gather all your freebies and make one huge coordinating kit:

An Indian summer is a period of unseasonably warm, dry weather, occurring after the end of summer proper. The weather is sunny and clear, and above 70 °F (21 °C), accompanied by dry and hazy conditions, usually after there has been a sharp frost; a period normally associated with late-September to mid-November.

Here is the blog roll:
Wilma4Ever (start here)
A Taggers Scrap
April the Scrapaholic
April's Kits
Brenda's Scrap Design
Galerie de Jackie
PattyB Scraps
Luvnangel's Creations Plus
Millie's Psp Madness
Wilma Fourever
Digital Designs by Elisa
Millie's PSP Madness
Moody's Designz

Here is my Part
Get it free in my store HERE 

And here is my full-size kit available in the store.

Indian Summer - Full Size Kit 
Buy it HERE for only $4.99 

actually its on sale now for 30% off

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

FYI - Changes my blog around a tad

Hey guys,
While you are here check out my blog for a minute.  I have moved my labels over to the top left of my blog so you can find things better.  

All name frames are under their letter and you can find them under ALL NAME FRAMES, CROME NAME FRAMES or BLACK NAME FRAMES.  All in the labels section.  I'll go and try to clean out some of the unnecessary labels here in a bit.

Also I put my store logo at the very top left side so you can find my store better.  I got rid of all the preview images.  Most of them weren't leading to the right place anyway.  So just go to my store logo on the right to find all my kits and I also have the Wilma4Ever home logo too if you want to check out all the other designers.

Now I have also added a poll on the right hand side of the page at the top.  I am just doing some random crome name frames with now using the black ones that I've had over the past.  I have finished all requests now.  So what I have been doing is extra.  So if you don't see yours let me know in one of the comments sections.  Any of them and I will re-post them for you.  Also, I thought you might be tired of the name frames by now.  So I add the poll to see what kind of stuff you might prefer.  As you know I give out Wordart on my Store blog almost everyday so I want to do something different on here.  Also I give out a freebie mini-kit for the blog train everymonth.  I plan to keep those as freebies in my store for at least the time being.  And now I am giving out two freebie mini-kits with the blog trains starting tomorrow.  One on this blog and one on my Store blog too.  So you need to go to both or just get both in the store at the same time either way.

So let me know what you think.  The poll will remain active all thru November ;)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Here is you name frame for today


Tuesday CU Savings

Finally finished my kits for the blogtrain.  FYI:  I will be giving out 2 freebies for the blog train this month.  One on each blog and they will both be mini-kits and different.  And both will be different from the full-size kit that will be going in the store.  Thought I would let you guys know ahead of time.  I thought that if I offer the train on two different blog why not give out two different freebies right?  So you will get two this month. :)

Tuesday CU Savings

* * * * *
Commercial Use Deals
Tons of great Commerical Use deals, check out the sample previews, the full list is in the link below!
 School Name Frames - CU/PU Holiday Baking - CU Utensils - Set 3 Holiday Baking - CU Utensils - Set 2 Holiday Baking - CU Utensils - Set 1

Denim Blue _ CU PaperPack


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