Saturday, January 31, 2009

Roses are Red -------------------Roses

Hi Everyone

Well yesterday was fun. My electricity went out throughout the middle of our house yesterday. The kitchen and living rooms went out but the bedrooms were ok. I thought all the electricity went out though because I was cooking. Then I heard the dryer and realized not everything went off. Our alarm even turned off. I went to flip the breakers and couldn't reach them. Tried using a hammer but that didn't work. No, not to pulverize them but to move them on and off but I thought about it. But I couldn't do it. We also have a breaker box outside but I was afraid to mess with that one. So, I called my honey and he was getting off in 30 minutes. The alarm people had already called him. It was crazy. I was actually scared and he told me he was too that someone outside had messed with the breakers and might be trying to break in but that wasn't the deal. WE now have a lock on it though just in case. I realize they can probably pick/cut the lock but it makes it a little harder for them at least. So that was my evening yestereday. I just love being in the dark - not. Hope you all had a much better day.

Now on to the good stuff!

I hope you are liking this kit so far. Not a whole lot of you have gotten it yet though. Well, you better start because it's getting good. Today I'm giving you all the rose elements. I think they came out really pretty. I know it looks like I just flipped the roses over but they are all actually different. 3 of the roses have a glow to them and the other 3 have a little more detail. And I hope you like the rosebuds. I love the one with the rosebud cluster with shadow.

Download Here

Take care and see ya tomorrow.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Roses are Red , Violets are Blue......................some more

Hi everyone, This is going to be a quick post.

I got off work this morning and ate some cereal. I wanted to come in here and post but I fell asleep in my recliner again. I'm so crazy. Got a perfectly good bed and I keep falling asleep in my chairs. At least it was my recliner this time and not my computer Do not want that neck thing to come back again. Now my husband is about to come home at around 7:30pm. So you know what. Gonna eat something and go to bed..........yes my actual bed.

I don't have to worry about fixing supper because can you believe it. My husband cooked out in that ice storm we just had the other day. I think he's crazier than I am. He put on his coverals that I got him for Christmas and cooked out. He cooked pork ribs, steaks, smoked sausage and riblets. He did wait until the snow melted a little. Guess I should have taken a picture............I actually didn't think about it.

But off to eat and go to bed. Have to be back at work at midnight. Saturdays are always the worst. So busy! Hopefully no more bad weather. Still, I had ice on the truck when I came home. Not too bad though. It's still in the 30's when I get off.

Well, here is another quick page from my kit Roses are Red. I hope you all like them. Don't worry I have lots more coming. Check out my rosebuds.

I think they look pretty cool. Always wanted to make a kit using these.

I loved the first quick page but I think I like this one better.

Download Here

Take care and Have a great evening.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Roses are Red , Violets are Blue

I decided to make you guys a Valentines Kit and give it out in pieces. I do hope that you like it. So far I've made 2 quick pages, some borders, paper hearts, heart frames, lace shaped frames, and some roses and rose buds. This rose used in the quick page I'm giving out to you today came from one of my moms rose bushes several years ago. Took it with my old camera. So, I've made it into a kit along with the rose bud that I took too. I think it's quite pretty for a Valentine's kit. Here is the preview.

Download Quick Page 1 Here

Let me know what you think of it already. The rose was actually pink when I took it.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

*Ad* Sweet Valentine Kit at ScrapitSassy

Hey guys, I'm posting this because I was trying to send out an add thru yahoo mail and it's not cooperating with me. Keeps saying I'm disconnected and won't save draft or send emails. So, I'm posting it here so I can come back and copy/paste to my email.
So sorry for the repeat. Just getting a little frustrated.

StoreWideBanner_469x60.jpg picture by ejregnold

New Kit at ScrapitSassy

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Valentine Wordart.....................sort of........

HI again,

Well I made these for you today. I was kind of just playing. Not sure if your going to like them or not. Think I'm getting a little tired. But these are some Valentine Wordarts for you. Trying to give it a go. Don't think I'm as talented as Ginger. But I thought maybe you guys might like them. I think I'm better at making alphas and then putting them into wordart. Guess you guys will let me know.

Download Here

Let me know if you like it.

Ginger sent me an award the other day.................

Ginger sent me an award the other day for my blog so now I'm sending out my award to 5 other people. Thank you Ginger and I'm so sorry I'm late.

So her it goes.

1. Digitreats - I just love Pam's blog. She works so hard to give people freebies everyday. She's like my mentor. I just don't know how she does it and she takes care of 3 little ones too.

2. SIS Designs - Erin is the owner of ScrapitSassy and a fellow designer as well. She has lots of wonderful kits, elements, actions and lots of other things on her blog. She also sells at several other stores. You should check her out.

3. Cancer Moon Creations - She is a fellow designer at ScrapitSassy and has lots of great scripts, kits and elements.

4. Scrapkitten - Jessie is also a fellow designer at ScrapitSassy and other stores. She has lots of fabulous kits that you can check out in the store and on her blog.

5. Bethany - Elegant wordart by Bethany - She has beautiful word art on her blog for all occasions. Lots of wordart.

Ok I did it. Now go check them out.

Be back in a little bit.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hi again everyone,

HI everyone,

I haven't made anything today. Been busy putting stuff back into the store. WE had a temporary problem at the store. They had to redo servers and things shorten the story they had to reupload everything.........EVERYTHING. But anything put in after a certain time had to be put back in by us designers. So that is what I've been working on besides my wedding album.

Check out my New Valentine's Kits in store

Sweet Valentine

Sweet Valentine Snowglobes by ApriltheScrapaholic

Sweet Valentine Kit by ApriltheScrapaholicSweet Valentine Hearts by ApriltheScrapaholicSweet Valentine Message Papers by ApriltheScrapaholicSweet Valentine Ribbons by ApriltheScrapaholic

Valentine Wedding

Valentine Wedding -Seashore Wedding Addon by ApriltheScrapaholic

Lacy Heart Tags by ApriltheScrapaholicLacy Hearts with Pearls by ApriltheScrapaholicLace Tags by ApriltheScrapaholic

Seashore Wedding Addon by ApriltheScrapaholic

I made new page today using Gingers Wordart. Love her wordart. Mine looks a little different because I added lots of shading to it giving it a layered look. You'll understand when you see it.

You can go to Gingers Blog and find her word art. She even has a new one up today. Actually she has one everyday. Guess I need to get up to speed......ha ha.

Just go to her blog to get them.............Go Here

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hey all, sorry I've been out............

Hi everyone,

Sorry I've been out for a bit. I had to go to the emergency room last Saturday and I've been trying to take a break from the computer a bit. I got a muscle spasm in my neck. I woke up at 10:30 friday night (had to be at work at midnight) and I couldn't move my head at all. It hurt really bad. Had a lot of stabbing pain going into my head. My first instinct was that I was paralized but then realized I could move my legs and back. My puppies were jumping all around me, excited that I was away and were making it worse. I guess I screamed and Jose came to check me. He wanted to get me up right away and I was like "no - wait". Finally after my panic attack (about 30min) he lifted me up to sitting position which felt better. But still couldn't move my head. It was like a constant bad headache with shooting/stabbing pains. Jose called my boss and I told her I didn't think I could make it in. She told me to go to the emergency room right them. Well, you know me. I figured it would go away after a while but it didn't. Mom told me that it was probably like having a charly horse in your neck instead of a leg muscle (which thank god I haven't actually had - but i think i'd rather have it in my leg). Jose took me to the emergency room the next morning. I could then move my head a little but not much. Certainly couldn't drive. They gave me muscle relaxers and pain medicine. I'm much better now. Just having headaches now. Trying not to strain too much. So that's why I've been gone lately. Whew! Don't ever want that to happen again. I wish that none of you have to experience it either.

So, to get back into the groove I'm giving you some papers I made with my Seashore Wedding kit. Hope you like them. Here's a page I made using one of them.

And here are the papers............there are 5 total with background included. Hope you like them.

Download Here

See you later. Promise I'll be back.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Sharing Wedding book at Artscow for you to see.

I finished one of my books for my wedding at Artscow. Check it out if you want.

Here is a preview I think you'll be able to see.

Just click on the link to see my 1st book.

Later, april

HI everyone,

Hi you guys,

I am soooo sorry I haven't posted anything lately. My computer actually went down on Monday and i had a lot of trouble getting it back up. Good thing about that is i finally got my new one together. I did fix this one though. Use my windows xp disk and did a recovery of the system which now that I think of it might have worked before. It didn't rewrite everything. But I did get my whole system backed up at the same time. So, I've been busy.

Also, it was my birthday Tuesday. The big 40. But I don't really feel any older. Jose took me out to eat at Papadeaux and then we went to see a movie. Jose let me pick the feature and I had trouble because I didnt want to see the one he wanted to see at the time and I was afraid he wouldn't like the one that I picked. It was a toss up of Brad Pitt's "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" or Will Smith's "7 pounds". Usually I would almost always pick Will Smith but we would have had to wait another hour and a half for it to play again. So Jose said he'd watch Brad Pitt. Then I kind of freaked out because it was a 3 hr long movie. Jose has to have adventure and lots of shooting to stay interested most of the time unless it's a true story. But he sat in the Brad Pitt feature the whole 3 hrs and liked the movie. He thinks that what happened to the character in the movie could actually happen which I haven't a clue. Maybe it actually did. I think that kept him interested. But he actually liked it.

Don't get me wrong. It was a great movie. Brad and Kate Blanchet were awesome in the movie. I have to say though that Brad reminded me so much of Robert Redford thru the whole movie. I swear that Brad is his son...........just kidding....haha. (maybe he was secretly adopted from Robert Redford...........cause he just looks so much like him.........just my thoughts so don't quote me..haha) You should see it.

Its so cold here. IT's in the 20's and getting colder.

So I havent had time to do anything for the store or for you. So today I am giving you part of the blog name ornaments that I have for the B's. I'll give the rest to you when I finish them.

And Suzy I promise to make yours too!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Winters First Snow kit plus wordart!

Hi everyone,

Been busy adding kits to the store. I still haven't gotten my computer put together from Christmas. I have to take apart this one to use some of it in the other one. Everyone is thinking I'm putting it off but I'm not. I can't take this one apart till I'm thu with what I'm doing or until I make sure I have everything backed up. Plus, I wanted to make sure I make my quota in the store while I do this. I know crazy.

You probably all think I'm goofing around especially since I haven't gotten all the ornaments to you. But I think that may end up being too much. Good plan but not sure if I have all the time. But I'm still working on them. Just take time and I've got lots of things going on. I'm still working on my wedding pages too.

But I have to get my computer together. It'll be much faster and besides, my husband is beginning to think it was a bad christmas present because I haven't gotten it together yet. He just doesn't understand all the process. He keeps asking if he can help and trust me, he can't. He means well but he just can't. I would say he could help me get the screws in but he's too strong. Sometimes he doesn't know his own strength and he's not all that delicate. Don't want to hurt his feelings but I just gotta do it myself. I just have to take this one apart first. And that means not communicating with you all for a little while. That'll be really hard.

Here is another layout I made with the kit.
It also has the wordart that I am giving to you all as a freebie for today.
I left the for JoJo out though ----haha.

Here is the preview for my Winters First Snow kit.

Here is the alpha that goes with the kit or you can get it separately in the store.

Here is your freebie for today. I made some wordart using the alpha plus snowflakes from the kit.

Download Here

Hope you like it.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New kit in store and another on the way..........and a quick-page for you!

Hi everyone,

I made 2 new kits today. Plus I have a few more waiting to be done. I made a kit called Gingerbread Lane. We make these really cool gingerbread cookies at work and I decided to make them into a kit for you. They are all in different shapes. I just put it in the store at a low price of $3.99 if you are interested. I think it's pretty cute. Most of the colors are red, green, brown and a little blue.

Here is the preview of the kit.
The preview will take you to the store.
Gingerbread Lane by ApriltheScrapaholic

Next I made a kit for our first snow at our house. I'm calling it Winters First Snow. You will be getting a quick page from this kit today. I think its pretty cool-get it-COOL! Yeah, that's as funny as I get without doing it accidentally. The colors are in blue, whitish, teal and violet. I hope that you like it.

Here is the page that I made. It has a photo of our house with snow on it and of my beautiful Shaylee with snow on her face. Wait till you see JoJo's when I get it done. He looks like he has a mustache. haha

Your quick-page will look like this one except it won't have the snowflake that shows the date that I put on my page. But I am going to give that to your separately in case you want to use it.

Here is your Quick-Page. I still haven't gotten this one in the store yet, so give me a little time to get it in there. I've got leaves for it too but couldn't decide on some kind of flower to use. Guess there aren't too many flowers in the winter huh.

Download Here

Enjoy and See ya Later

My Banner

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hey All -

Hi everyone, I hope that all of you had a very Happy New Year. I'm trying to catch up from all the holidays and getting things together for my store. Guess what, I have till the end of January to finish my pages...............................yeah!

I don't have a freebie for you yet but I am half way thru the B's on the ornaments. Those of you who have asked for ornaments they will be given out with their letters. Just give me some time.

But here's some more pages I'd like to share with you all. Bet your getting tired of seeing them.

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