Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fairy Land qp1 by me.

We went to see my husband's sister last night. She's in the hospital. She had some kind of surgery on her stomach and has been very sick lately. We found out one of her lungs collapsed during surgery. We were worried about her so we both went to go see her.

Well, she's still in the hospital but is looking good. I think she said she'll be getting out soon. They are just keeping tabs on her for now. She told us that they think her lung is now ok. Hopefully the rest of the surgery went well and she can go back to her life. She had been only on a liquid diet for weeks that we know of anyway.

We have a flavor wave and bought another one to give to her. (These machines are wonderful if you haven't tried one) It takes out all the fat in the food and bakes/grills/broils everything. We thought it would help her and her family eat better/healthier. It makes the best chicken you'll ever eat - baked and fried! Also does great pork chops, tenderloins, steaks, sausage - the only thing i've screwed up twice in this machine is a beef roast. Haven't gotten that one down yet. Great thing about it is it doesn't heat up your house at all and you can even take it with you camping or wherever you have electricity and use it.

But back to the store I hope it helps them. We definitely eat better even though you can't tell by looking at us. My deal is I need exercise. I need to start walking again. It's not the eating habbits. I used to walk 4 miles everyday. I've gotten very lazy. Just gotta find time between this and my regular job and get it going.

Hey if my parents can quit smoking at age 62 and 61 then I can loose the weight again. Yeah, my mom just quit more than a month ago and my dad since then. HE wanted to see if it worked for her before he tried it. They look 10yrs healthier now. No coughing spells anymore. I can talk on the phone with my mom now without waiting for her to catch her breath. I am so proud of them. They had been smoking since teenagers.

They are doing this e-cigarette thing online. They have this plastic thing with a wick in it that lets them still go through the motions without all the crud. What I thought was smoke was just vapor coming out of their mouths. No smoke / smell at all. They get these little bitty bottle that they insert a drop onto the wick of the ecigarette and use that. As they progress they use smaller amounts until they don't need it at all. Dad said they actually tried 1 cig one time and couldn't handle it at all. They have a whole case of cigarettes they haven't touched and are planning to give away. Did I say how proud of them I am? This was big for them. I just want them to be healthier.

Anyway, sorry for gabbing.

Here's what your all waiting for.

Ginger has a great quickpage for you on her blog using my Fairy Land kit.

Fairy Land by ApriltheScrapaholic

This is my layout using her quick-page.

Download on Ginger's Blog Here

And don't forget to give her some love!

and here's mine -----------

Download Here

Hope you all like these.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New kit called ---------FAIRY LAND

I just got through making this cute kit (or I think it's cute) called Fairy Land. Also a request or suggestion from Ginger. Hope you like it. I also made it for my best friend/ct member Lori for her granddaughter Ashleigh.

Here's a preview:

Fairy Land by ApriltheScrapaholic
(click on preview to go to my store at ScrapitSassy)

I will also be giving out a quick page to you as soon as I get it uploaded.

So see you later.

OH yeah, There is fairy dust in the kit but I couldn't get it on the preview and it looking just right. And not all elements are shown. I didn't have enough room. THere are about 60 elements give or take. Alot are in melon and green.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'm back and have new qp's from Nita for you.

Well, I'm back everyone

I really enjoyed watching my little cousin Thomas play football. Man he played the almost the entire game. He plays offence and defence and he really is the one of only a couple of the biggest guys on the team. The rest are at least a foot shorter. They're quarter back is so cute. He's so little. Looks like an ant out there ready to get pummelled. He lost his game but I really enjoyed watching him in a whole new environment.

He's Number 62 - I may make a football kit out of these.

I have some quick pages for you from Nita. She made 2 of them while I was out and she used my Halloween Creepy Crawlies kit to make them. I love them.

Here are the previews:



Download this QP Here on Nita's Blog


And download this QP Here on Nita's Blog

She put them in 2 different posts.

Love your pages Nita and Thank you.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Photo Hunt: Theme ------------Upside Down

This is for the Photohunt of Sept 19th ---------sorry I'm a little late.

PhotoHunt 179: Upside Down


I took these photos a while back of my nephew Thomas. HE loves it when I take his photos on the trampoline. And when I saw upside-down I knew these were it. I got two great shots of him upside down. He thought these were really cool!

Sorry I haven't posted anything lately. Been busy at work plus I had to work more days than I usually do because I asked off for later days in the week to go see my Thomas play football. I'm so excited. He is only 12 yrs old now and is 5'6" tall and in the 6th grade. He told me he's the second larged kid in class. So they wanted him to play football for the JV and he is playing now. I get to drive 3hrs away to go see him play a home game. So I won't be back for a couple of days. Planning on taking a lot of photos. My mom says that he's loving it. I'm so glad to see him doing something other than playing video games. This coming from someone who spends most of her time on the computer. lol.

Later guys. I'll try to get some stuff for you when I get back and off work on Sat morn.

Friday, September 18, 2009

More Creepy Crawlie Halloween Papers plus quick-page from Ginger

I have added more papers to my Creepy Crawlie kit at ScrapitSassy.

Here are the Black ones.

Halloween Black PaperPack 2 by ApriltheScrapaholicHalloween Black PaperPack 1 by ApriltheScrapaholic

Here are the Bluish ones.

Halloween Creepy Crawlie Bluish Papers by ApriltheScrapaholic

And Here are Brite Purple ones.

Halloween Creepy Crawlie BrtPurp Papers by ApriltheScrapaholic

And here are more Green and Purple ones.

Halloween Creepy Crawlie Green Papers 2 by ApriltheScrapaholicHalloween Creepy Crawlie Purple Papers 2 by ApriltheScrapaholic

And don't forget the rest of the kit at ScrapitSassy.
This is a huge kit and I have it available separately in the store so you can just grab which ever pieces that you want.

Halloween - Creepy Crawlie Elements by ApriltheScrapaholicHalloween - Creepy Crawlie Frames by ApriltheScrapaholic

Halloween - Creepy Crawlie Orange Papers by ApriltheScrapaholicHalloween - Creepy Crawlie Green Papers by ApriltheScrapaholicHalloween - Creepy Crawlie Purple Papers by ApriltheScrapaholic

Ginger made this wonderful page using the Bluish Papers. I just love it. It gives it that ghostly glow to the page. But of course, my favorite color is blue too! Ginger.

You can get her quick-page for this layouts by
Downloading Here on Her Blog

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Halloween Creepy Crawlie layout by Ginger

Halloween - Creepy Crawlie Elements by ApriltheScrapaholicHalloween - Creepy Crawlie Frames by ApriltheScrapaholic

Ginger made a great layout using my Creepy Crawlie kit. She decided to pull it out and work with it. It's separated into different parts in the store because I had several downloads. But you can get the pieces that you like. Just click on the preview to go to scrapitsassy and see them.

Halloween - Creepy Crawlie Orange Papers by ApriltheScrapaholicHalloween - Creepy Crawlie Green Papers by ApriltheScrapaholicHalloween - Creepy Crawlie Purple Papers by ApriltheScrapaholic

I enjoyed making these papers so much that I made too many of them - LOL.
But you gotta have green, purple and of course Orange!

Here is Gingers Layout.

She also made it as a Quick-Page too

So, Download it Here from Her Blog


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tooth Fairy quick page from Me

Hey everyone,

I made this quickpage for you today using my tooth fairy kit. I think it came out pretty good.

I've been busy today rearranging my computer room. I think it's gonna work out quite well. Hopefully I'll get everything all neat and organized - yeah right. That's the plan anyway. I bought this 6ft table that now holds all my computer goodies (monitor, printer, tower, scanner, external harddrives) and I love it. As it was I had everything on different stuff like one thing on one filing cabinet, something else on a shelf, monitor on a little table and tower on desk. I just didn't have anything big enough. It's coming along though. Plus I'm gonna get rid of some stuff that I don't need and that's a big plus for me.

I'm also trying to draw a tattoo for my husband. He wants a dragon to go on his shoulder. So I've been looking up dragons trying to find something I like. Crazy. So I've got to finish that too.

Anyway, enough about me. Here is your quick-page.

Download Here


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Can't take my Eyes off of you! LOL

I was looking and realized I never posted this on my blog.


I made this page using my Sandy Beaches kit. I made it for a challenge on Scrapbook Flair (which I didn't win - of course) which was about humanizing your pet.

I know it's corny but my JoJo loves his Shaylee so much. See the ball in Shaylee's human hand :) I just had to do that. The pics of the people came from a photo of David Beckham and a girl from 90210 (not sure which one). I thought they worked out quite nicely. Funny isn't it.

Gone too Soon

This summer has been something else. We've lost so many famouse people this year alone. I was very sad to her about Patricks' passing. I remember watching Dirty Dancing when I was little with my mother. It's funny now but I remember her rewinding several times during that movie. He will be missed.

I didn't make these as quick-pages. I only want to share the layouts with you. I used my Chris' Rustic Cowboy kit to make these and used photos from the internet to make them.

Be Back Later

Quick Page from Ginger - girls versioin

Tooth Fairy by ApriltheScrapaholic

Ginger just posted her quick page for my Tooth Fairy kit for the girls version.
These are so cute.

Download Ginger's Quick-page Here on her blog

Monday, September 14, 2009

QP's from Nita and Ginger using my Tooth Fairy Kit

Nita made this adorable page using my Tooth Fairy kit. I love it. It's so adorable!


If you want Nita's quick-page
Download it Here on Her Blog

And Ginger made this adorable one too.
She's made a boy and girl version of the page.
This is the boy versioin.

If you would like to get Ginger's quick-page
Download Here on her blog

Sunday, September 13, 2009

PhotoHunt 178: Electric


Last Christmas we went to my Husbands Sisters house. She lives on the other side of Dallas. And of course, it was dark when we were coming home. Well I am always trying to get pictures of this building/restaurant that has lights all over it. It's tall and straight with a ball on top of lights, which is the restaurant and it spins. So I've been told anyway. The only problem is you have to drive on I35 - problems are your dodging traffic which swings me all around the cab when I'm taking photos plus wearing the seatbelt prevents you from shots too but you definitely have to wear that. So my camera skill aren't the best at taking photos of the Dallas skyline at night. Hopefully with my new camera which takes awesome pics by the way, I can take good photos.

These are not good pics but I love the lights in them. My husband was slinging me all over the car - lol and these were the best I could do then. The last is a close up photo of the lights in the ball. The lights look wild.

But in case you don't like those pics for electric. How about a photo of our new Electric Washer and Dryer. They are awesome. Spectacular actually. We paid quite a bit for them but I love them. And so do my clothes.

And YES, they are RED


Also don't forget

Store Wide Sale at ScrapitSassy

All products $1 for 1 Hour

September 13th - 2:00 - 3:00pm CST

See you later.

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