Tuesday, September 30, 2008

To Alaina,

To Alaina,

Noah is in blog names #13

Blog Names ............. All of them

HI all, I'm posting these so they are easier to find.
I'll put them on the side where you can find this post easily.

This one is expired

This one is expired


Link expired
Download Here

link expired

link expired

link expired

Pet Names Here

my blog names here

link expired

link expired

The names include:

Ashleigh Nicole
Isabella Renee
Conner Lynn
Baby Don

Download Them HERE

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Well, these are the last of the names that you all asked for. I still have the boy scout names and crossing guard to do for you. But it's all the name names for now. I finally caught up with much thanks to my best friend and CT member Lori.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Blog names set 16....................freebie....and instructions in psp.

designerspotlightcopy.jpg picture by ejregnold

Check out my new kits at ScrapitSassy

StoreWideBanner_469x60.jpg picture by ejregnold

These are my new kits!

Harvest Pumpkin Patch Elements by ApriltheScrapaholic

As some of you may see this is a rejuvenated
version of my Harvest Pumpkin Patch kit.

I added more papers & tags and I changed the ribbons and bows.
I also added more leaves.

Harvest Pumpkin Patch Kit by ApriltheScrapaholicHarvest Pumpkin Patch Tags by ApriltheScrapaholicHarvest Pumpkin Patch Frames by ApriltheScrapaholic
Harvest Photo Glass Brads by ApriltheScrapaholicHarvest Paper Glass Brads by ApriltheScrapaholicHarvest Pumpkin Patch Papers by ApriltheScrapaholic

These are my back to schoool kits

Back to School Elements by ApriltheScrapaholicBack to School Crayon Madness Kit by ApriltheScrapaholic
Back to School - Crayons by ApriltheScrapaholicBTS - Schoolyard Playground by ApriltheScrapaholic

The slides, monkey bars and swing-sets are new.

Directions on using my frames in Paint Shop Pro (PSP)
with great thanks from Nan

  1. Open - Paint Shop Pro.
  2. Open - April Scrapaholic's Word Art and bring the one you want to use into PSP
  3. Take your wand and place it over the black area in the word art.
  4. Left click on the mouse and now you will have marching ants all around the black word art.
  5. Next find the picture that you'll want to use.
  6. Drag it onto the Black area of the word art.
    If the picture isn't the right size you will have to resize it. So, click on the word "Image" at the top of the screen (In PSP),
  7. then go down to resize (to change the size for bigger increase the number or for smaller pick decrease the number)
  8. Once the size is correct go to the top of the PSP screen and now
  9. choose Edit and go down to Cut.
  10. Go back to the picture and click on the undo until it's just the Word Art.
  11. Now go back to the top in PSP and choose Edit, then Paste - New Layer
  12. Make sure the layers are aligned and no black shows.
    Now do a save as __________.PNG to keep layers separate or
  13. JPG this will flatten all the layers into one.
  14. Print as is or drag and drop on a background page.

Here is the blog names #16

Blog Names 16.rar (Lori's 4shared)

Blog Names 16 zip - (aprils r4shared)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Blog Names 20 - Scouts Names .............

Ok just in case anyone asks. I haven't skipped names 16 and 19. They just aren't finished yet. Lori is adding names to 16 and I'm adding names to 19 and that should be the last unless you guys ask for more - which you can still make requests. I think everyone is getting tired of these already. But hey, I'll have all of the requests done soon.

Also, Does anyone know how to use my frames with Paint shop pro. Lesley asked me in the shout out box how to use them in paint shop. She's new to scrappin and need a little help. So if anyone can give me a comment on how to use them in paint shop pro it would be a great help. I don't have that program and have never seen it. Do you just choose the black and fill with picture like in microsoft digital? If you let me know I will pass it on to her.

These are long awaited for I know, but here
they are and I hope I didn't leave anything out.

Link has Expired to make room for more freebies

Have fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Blog Names - Sports & Games Frames - freebie again.....

I am giving these to you again because one of the links didn't work anymore. So here they are again in case you didn't get some of them the first time.

Link has expired to make room for more freebies

Let me know if there's any problem with them working again.


Blog names set 17 - School Names

Hi everyone,

Here is a new set of names for you.....well not actually names. These are school related. I've got some others coming too that are going to be kind of different. Maybe I'll give you a sneek peak.

So what do you think?
I figure you could fill the 1 with some kind of matching paper
and then the rest with your photo.
Let me see if I can make something real quick.

So I made this............

And then started this......

So what do you think? I couldn't put Thomas back in
1st grade again so I used the 5th grade one instead.

I decided not to do the click on preview thing anymore. I like to copy and paste my photos to email and when I link it, that goes on the email too. Makes it too difficult or tedious for me. Plus I think it's easier on you all doing it the old way anyhow. It's also easier to fix if I mess up.
Hope that you all like these and can use them. I have lots more words that I'm adding too. I looked up stuff from my old year books to see what you guys might be able to use. So don't leave me any words for these till after the next batch.

link has expired
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