Thursday, December 24, 2009

Brag Book pages

Hey Everyone,

I'm sending out the brag book pages using my Frosted Christmas kit for everyone that submitted to me. If you send them in later on, I will send you the links too! And I'll send yours to the the ones that I already sent them to. That way if your late with yours you won't loose out on the deal! It is Christmas. I think they came out pretty nice. They will be sent to you in 4x6 and 5x7 sizes. I resized those that were sent to me and added them in. There are actually 21 4x6 and 21 5x7 pages total. (1 isn't included in the preview)

Here's a preview of the ones I got so far. And if you still haven't bought the kit to make them, it is still on sale but it's only $2 at ScrapitSassy. So don't miss out. However, I've decided to add them to the store in case someone just wants to buy them too.

Monday, December 21, 2009

$2 sale at ScrapitSassy!

Hey Everyone,

All my products priced $2 or more are currently all $2. My store is on sale through Dec 26th.

If you still have more brag book pages to send me please feel free to send them. I will still share them with all of you. As busy as I've been I'm sure you are all swamped too!

I'll be sending what I have so far within the next couple of days.

StoreWideBanner_469x60.jpg picture by ejregnoldScrap it Sassy

Name Frames - Sports N Games by ApriltheScrapaholicName Frames - Family by ApriltheScrapaholicName Frames - Scouts by ApriltheScrapaholic

Letters to Santa by ApriltheScrapaholicFrosted Christmas by ApriltheScrapaholicCowboys & Indians QP Album by ApriltheScrapaholic

Holiday Baking 2 - Addon by ApriltheScrapaholicHoliday Baking by ApriltheScrapaholicHoliday Baking Recipe Cards by ApriltheScrapaholic

Let it Snow Alphas by ApriltheScrapaholicLet it Snow by ApriltheScrapaholicLet it Snow Snowglobes by ApriltheScrapaholic

Cowboys & Indians by ApriltheScrapaholicHallow's Eve by ApriltheScrapaholicAutumn Kisses by ApriltheScrapaholic

blinkie 3 blog store blinkie2 Blinkie 2
StoreWideBanner_469x60.jpg picture by ejregnold

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Another Candy Bar Wrapper for you............

Hey everyone again,

Yeah, still busy. Went to a Christmas Party last night for our department. We had a really good time. We all just made stuff and exchanged with each other. That way everyone got some of everything and we all had the same thing too. Like I said before, I made candy and cookies for everyone. Didn't get home until 11:30pm and had to be at work at midnight. So I'm a little sleep deprived at the moment...........LOL.

Also wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow is the deadline for sending me brag book pages using my Frosted Christmas Kit.

Frosted Christmas by ApriltheScrapaholic

I may let you send me more pages until after Christmas though. My friend Lori said she'd rather make them after so she can use this years Christmas pics in them. I don't know.
Right now the kit is half off at ScrapitSassy and 35% off at Dazzling Scraps.
But from the 21st to the 26th I am having a $2 sale at ScrapitSassy. Everything that's $2 and up is $2. That will be my Christmas Sale. So, if anyone buys my kit after that. I will still allow you to send me in brag book pages. And I'll share those with those who have/will order the kit.

I just thought that everyone would want them before to give as presents but I don't know about you but my time has been crazy lately. Having trouble keeping up. So if you get them in late I completely understand and will still share.

Here is another Candy Bar wrapper for you that I used for the party.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Busy, busy, busy......but I'm still here!

Hey everyone,

Sorry I haven't been on in a while. I've spent the last 3 days making hard cinnamon candy, hard peppermint candy and cookies for a couple of parties we're going to this week. So I've been swamped.

Here are some pics of my Cinnamon Candy. And yes, it's the one in the recipes that I sent out to those who bought and made recipes with my Holiday Baking kits. The white on the candies is powdered sugar that I sprinkled on to give it that frosty look!

One good thing out of it is I made candy bar wrappers like the ones Ginger has made. She gave me permission to use them. (they are her idea - and it works great) I made these candy bar wrappers as Christmas cards for all my friends. They are just awesome.

I found these candy bars that were all different sorts of varieties -- caramel filled, truffle filled, cookies N cream, dk choc and peanut butter filled. I took off their wrappers and rewrapped them with foil and then put my wrapper around them. After I put my wrapper on the bar I punched a little whole in the wrapper with my hole-punch and tied a tag onto it with their name on it.

Here are some photos of the candy bars themselves.
(spoiler alert Lori! You just don't know what your's is gonna look like or taste like - LOL)

I used my "Let it Snow" kit to make this one.

Here is what yours will look like!
I took out our photo and our message and added Merry Christmas to your copy.Download Here

Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Let it Snow" lyric quick-page.

I made another Christmas Carol page. This one is for the song "Let it Snow" and of course I used my Let it Snow kit. I also used my snowglobes that are in the store too.

(Ps. don't forget about the quickpages)

So this is your quickpage. Just insert your photo behind the globe/page.

Download Here

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Quick page from Nita

Nita made this awesome quickpage using my "Frosted CHristmas" kit. And just to let you know it's on sale for 50% off at ScrapitSassy until the 20th. And all my kits are on sale at Dazzling Scraps until christmas.

Frosted Christmas by ApriltheScrapaholic

Here's Nita's Page


Monday, December 7, 2009

layouts and quickpages from me.......

I made these 2 layouts today.
One I used my "Wood N Plaids" kit.

and this one I used my "My Dad" kit.

I also made 2 quickpages for you today. I've decided to do pages with Christmas Carols on them. That way you can print them out for your little ones and sing songs with them. Thought it might be interesting. Here's that layout: Picture won't be included in the quickpage. You can put your own photo in there.

This one is with the carol "Silver Bells"
and I used my "Frosted Christmas" kit to make it.

Download Here for the one Above

The next quickpage is of my puppies Shaylee and JoJo. I went and got their photos taken the other day for the first time by anyone other than myself. Plus they got groomed for the first time by someone other than myself. 2 in 1. Anyway, I may never cut their hair myself again. They looked so adorable.

Here's the page also made using my "Frosted Christmas" kit.

Download Here for this one


Layouts from ScrapitSassy CT Members

Wow, I just saw these on our ScrapitSassy CT Blog.
I love them; they are wonderful!



Great job!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Reposting layouts from Ginger and Nita

I'm not sure if I showed you all of Ginger's layouts she made for my "Let it Snow" kit. I've had problems seeing graphics/images on her blog and I just now today found out what my problem was. All the photobucket pics were being blocked and I now fixed it. So Yeah! I can see everything Ginger posts now. I'm so glad because I love seeing what she does with my kits and it was just driving me nuts. Anyway, if you seen these before bare with me but I'm posting them anyways. She still has them as quickpages on her blog. You just have to scroll down to get them all.

Here are Ginger's Pages.
She still has them as quickpages on her blog.

And I'll post Nita's again too!



ANd Nita still has the quickpages on her blog too!
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