Thursday, May 28, 2009

Baby Boy Wordart Bundle plus QuickPage.

I made some wordart for my Baby Boy kit and put it in the store. There are 2 wordarts included with the bundle. One is on the quick-page that I will be giving out to you today.

First here is a layout that Ginger made using my Baby Boy kit.

Thank you Ginger..........great job.......Love it

Here is the wordart that I put in the store. I'm thinking about doing some for the Baby Girl kit too! You can find the wordart in the store HERE

And here is the layout that I made using my Baby Boy kit along with the wordart. This is my baby brother David when he was born in 1977. He was so sweet. But I do remember him crying all of the time or so it seemed to me and my other brother Jr. He was really adorable.

This is also what your quick page looks like too, except without the information on the tag and the photo. Hope you like it.

Download Here

See you later.

Monday, May 25, 2009

More layouts and Happy Memorial Day

Ginger made another layout using my Blushing Buttercups kit. Love it!
And don't forget to visit her blog for her wonderful wordart. Check out her new one.

Love this one .............go to Ginger's blog and get it.

Here is her layout using my blushing buttercups kit.

I made a few layouts lately.

This one is of our squirrel in our crazy backyard. I just love how he poses for me. I entered it into a challenge at scrapbook flair called Backyard Wildlife. I used my New home kit and the frames from my Fishing with Dad Kit.

I entered this one in the HUNKY DUDES:Celebrities-Actors Challenge. I used my Chris' Rustic Cowboy kit to make this one. The background is new though (by me).
Also, I wanted to tell everyone that I'm deleting all of the add-on's for Digitreats. I don't feel right about giving them out anymore because she's gone for now. I do miss Pam terribly. Been trying not to say anything because I don't want her to read this and feel bad. She's made a good choice to put her children and family first before her designing. She's such a wonderful person. I wish her all the happiness in the world. She is truly treasured on this blog. She was and is still my mentor. So please don't be mad when I delete the links.

And I would like to wish everyone a Great and Wonderful Memorial Day. Have fun for me because I'm working and so his my honey.

Tomorrow we have to visit one of his sisters who is in the hospital sick so I may not be able to post anything for a couple of days. We have to make sure she's doing alright.

I added a couple of kits to ScrapitSassy. They are baby kits.

Baby Boy
Baby Boy by ApriltheScrapaholic

Baby Girl
Baby Girl by ApriltheScrapaholic

Be back when I can. Take care all.

Happy Memorial Day!!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Layouts posted by Ginger

I am so behind. I just went through Gingers blog to find any layouts she made for me and I found some and they are just adorable.

Ginger used my Dainty Dandelions kit to make this one.
I absolutely adore this one. It's perfect. I love how she's sitting on the flower.

And she used my Heavenly Hybiscus to make this one. Wonderful pages Ginger.

Thank you!

Baby Girl Quick Page 1..................

Now as I promised, Your Baby Girl QP!.

Photo Hunt: Theme............................Plastic


The theme for PhotoHunt the week of May 23rd is In Plastic.

Was trying to figure out what I could use for a photo about plastic. I was looking at our kayaks at first but I think they are fiberglass. Then I looked at all the plastic buckets that we have and then I noticed all of Shaylee's plastic balls that she plays with. So here they are. I think that works!

I like this one. I like how it's just sitting in the grass. She doesn't play with this one too much because it really a little big for her. But she'll chase it if you throw it and then just give you one of those looks when she gets there. She's really quite funny.

Later, be right back.

New kits added to the store.

Hey Everyone,

I added 2 new kits to the store this week. I know. Your probably tired of baby kits but I think these are pretty cute. One is for a boy and the other a girl.

Also I wanted to show you some of the CT Members pages from Scrapitsassy that used my kits.

And these were made by ScrapitSassy Ct member Tracy.

Tracy made these 2 layouts above using my Bathtime Babies kit.

Tracy used my Seashore Wedding kit to make these 2 layouts above.

These 2 were made my ScrapitSassy Ct member Lisa Marie using my Fishing with Dad kit.

These 2 were made by ScrapitSassy Ct member Rose Marie.
She used my Heavenly Hybiscus to make these layouts.

These 2 were made by ScrapitSassy CT member Jamie using my Lovely Ladybug kit.

These 2 were made by ScrapitSassy Ct Member Marnie using my Heavenly Hybiscus kit.

Here are the previews for my new kits.

Baby Boy
Baby Boy by ApriltheScrapaholic

Baby Girl
Baby Girl by ApriltheScrapaholic

I'll be back in a little bit with a quick-page from the Baby Girl kit.

See ya.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Photo Hunt: Theme............................In Memory


The theme for PhotoHunt the week of May 9th is In Memory.
Yes, I know I'm out of order but I wanted to include this one.

This is a memorial to Selena that is in Corpus Christie Texas.
It's really pretty and a very nice tribute to her.

I think the stature is really nice.

Hope you liked the photos.

Photo Hunt: Theme............................Painted


The theme for PhotoHunt this week is Painted.

I know, I'm behind in posting for the photo hunter. Been a while but I'm planning on keeping up this time.

I took this photo of this barn out on a road going to my best friends dad's house. Actually used it for a barn in my Cowboy kit but I changed the color. Not quite sure who would paint a barn this color. I thought it would work for the painted theme.

Later all,


Danty Dandelions quick-page 1

Here are some more photos from our Corpus Trip.

These are the boats in the marina.

Here is Jose fishing. He wanted to fish so bad but noone would go with him except his brother one time and an uncle another time. Everyone else bailed on him. He had fun anyways. He didn't catch any big fish like he wanted but her caught several bait fish and 2 catfish that we released back into the ocean.

Our last night in Corpus we decided to just spend it on the beach. We slept in our Tundra Pickup truck. Wasn't as comfortable as I had hoped but look at this marvelous Sunrise that I got. Just beautiful.

I made a quick page using my Danty Dandelions Kit. I think you will like it.

Find the kit at ScrapitSassy HERE

Here is my page that I made with it.
My brother took this photo at my Moms cabin on the lake with his camera. I just love this photo. So beautiful.

And here is the quick page you will be getting.

Download Here

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm Back from Corpus!

Hey everyone,

I'm back from Corpus. We had a great week. Got sunburned a little. We spent our last night on the beach. Slept in our truck but I got great photos of the sunrise the next morning.

Here are some photos. Gotta get ready for work so I'll see ya tomorrow.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Oh yeah!

Oh yeah! I almost forgot. Just in case I don't get to post again................

Happy Mother's Day

to all you ladies!

Heavenly Hybiscus qp2- just for you!

Hey Everyone,

I just want to tell you that all my kits are 45% off in the store ending Sunday - only 2 days left.

I decided to show you the latest additions to my store and what the sale prices are in case you want to come check us out.

Also, I am going on vacation starting Sunday thru next Sunday so I won't be able to post till I get back from vacation.

This is my newest kit:

Dainty Dandelions

I realize there is probably nothing Dainty about Dandelions but I liked how it sounded. Also, there are some flowers in this kit that most people here call dandelions but I don't think they are but they are abundant here in Tx. Sometimes they fill whole yards with this magnificent yellow that is almost florescent. I actually love them. I do actually have what I consider dandelions in here too. But take you pick on which you want to use. Either way, they are all beautiful.

These are the flowers that I really like - people tell me they are dandelions but I'm not so sure but aren't they pretty - there are a lot of these in the kit - if you know the real name let me know:

and this is what I actually call a Dandelion:

Man i just found this photo in my webshots photos. Didn't get to use it in the kit. But I have one very similar.

Here is what is in the kit:

(click preview to go to the store where they are)

In this kit I have some Dandelions along with other yellow wildflowers. The kit is all yellows and greens. There are 15 flowers, 4 dandelion leaves, 3 fern leaves, 2 vertical ribbons with bows on them, 11 12x12 papers, 2 rectangular frames, 2 oval horizontal frames, 2 oval vertical frames, 4 glass brads, 5 layered tags, and one sticker seedling.

Dainty Dandelions by ApriltheScrapaholic

Sale: $3.29
Save: 45% off

Heavenly Hybiscus by ApriltheScrapaholic

Sale: $3.29
Save: 45% off

Blushing Buttercups by ApriltheScrapaholic

Sale: $2.19
Save: 45% off

Now today I have made you another quick-page using my Heavenly Hybiscus kit.

Here is the layout that I made using it. We went fishing the last day of our vacation in Corpus last year. And I managed to catch this beautiful sunset. Thankfully I posted these photos on myspace and didn't loose them when I lost my hard drive. I thought they would go beautifully with the qp.

And here is the quickpage preview

Download Here

May not get to post till next week so I hope you all take care, have a great weekend and stay well. Now off to vacation.

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