Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Scarecrows & a freebie

I think Pam is going to start another trend here. I have decided to use ArtsCow to print all of my wedding photos. Especially the ones I want to hang up myself and the ones I'm going to send to my brother David, My mom and his Sisters and Aunt. From what I've seen from Pam's stuff its going to be wonderful. I just got to get all my photos uploaded on there.

As soon as I get them up and ordered I'll give you all my codes for the books, just like Pam did. I think that maybe we can all win with ArtsCow. I'm thinking about using one of Pam's codes for a book for me too. Her's just look wonderful. Gotta figure out what she's talking about with the bleed area though.

I just put up part of my Happy Thanksgiving kits in the store. I hand-drew some pilgrims and scarecrows for the kit. I think they look really cute. I even did some in Caucasian, Hispanic and African American. And I hope you guys will go check them out. I'm going to give you a couple of scarecrows in a freebie. They are earlier versions that I was playing with. They look good too. You may even like them better. Lori does. They have actually human faces whereas the scarecrows in the kits have buttons for eyes and stitched smiles. But they grew on me. I absolutely adore the Hispanic ones. Not sure why except the colors are wonderful. My opinion though.

Here check them out.

Happy Thanksgiving Kit - Scarecrows by ApriltheScrapaholic

Happy Thanksgiving Kit - Boy Pilgrims by ApriltheScrapaholic

Happy Thanksgiving Kit - Girl Pilgrims by ApriltheScrapaholic

Happy Thanksgiving Kit - Men Pilgrims by ApriltheScrapaholic

Happy Thanksgiving Kit - Women Pilgrims by ApriltheScrapaholic

What do you think? Do you like them? I've just been in a drawing mood lately. I come up with ideas and draw them and then either scan them in or draw it in my program. I've already drawn snowmen, Santa Clause and Mrs. Santa Clause. Still gotta work on my faces. Not too good at them yet. I can draw someone in real life with a pencil and get them just about perfect but on the computer is a little different. But I'll get there.

And I like my pilgrims. I can just about make them all the time and each one comes out different. It's just too cool. They may end up making it into lots of my kits for various reasons. I'm also making a Halloween kit. Thinking about calling it Hallow's Creepy Crawlies. I scanned alot of various bugs like caterpillars, beatles, worms, snakes, bats and other creatures and made them all halloween colors. They look pretty cool. Now I got to make the other stuff to go with them. I made a quick page that I'm gonna share with you too. Just got too many things going on in my head right now. And I still want to scrap all my wedding photos. Wish I didn't have a real job so I could do all that I want boss is going to laugh when she reads this and she will. Hopefully she'll like what I've done too.

I'll be back in a little bit to give you the freebie. Gotta upload it to 4shared.

Link Expired

Friday, October 24, 2008

Thank You

Thank you Dale for ordering my Chris' Rustic Cowboy and Leather kits. I didn't realize I still had the paypal buttons on here. I sent the downloads to you so check your spam box to make sure you don't miss them. I'll probably send them to you again tomorrow. And again, thanks.

So I decided to post them again so other people can see them. I still haven't put the leather kit in the store. I'm desperately trying to get a halloween kit and a thanksgiving kit done. So, I haven't gotten the rest of the names done. Thankfully, ya'll haven't asked for many more. But I'm gonna finish the last batch and that'll probably be the end of them unless I make them for the holidays and other kits. But I will finish all the ones I said I would. Just gotta get back to them.

I feel so wiped out since the wedding. Gotta get back into gear. Hope ya'll haven't left me.

Well, talk later.

You all take care.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Seashore Wedding - Fancy Frame 4shared

I finally got it uploaded on 4shared. So heres the link to that.
Hope you liked it.

Download Here

Gotta get some later.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Seashore Wedding - Fancy Frame the store.

Hey everyone,

I put this freebie in the store but haven't gotten it in 4shared yet.

So if you would like it you can get it below.

You get the fancy frame that I had in my layout plus the shell cluster.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

More Wedding Photos.............

My Honey!! Don't you love those cheeks!

Hi everyone.

I just wanted to post more wedding photos for you all to see. I've even made 1 page with them using my Seashore Wedding kit. I think I'm gonna like my kit. And I'm probably gonna have more stuff to add to the kit. So there is probably gonna be an add-on. Plus I'm gonna do some kind of sampler for you too

The photo above is of me and one of my bestfriends Christine. She drove 2 hrs to get here for my wedding with her 3 amazing and beautiful kids.

And above is my beautiful cake that Lori's daughter, Amanda made for me. Isn't it perfect. Simple but very pretty.

The shells are the same ones that I used to make my kit. Pretty cool.

And Don't worry. I'm getting back to the names too. Just gotta get back into the "groove". I'm kind of out of sinc right now.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

For Nana 3 ...............repeat freebie

ITs in this download. I'm not finished but I'm going on my honeymoon now.

Link has Expired - had to make room for more freebies -sorry
All my kits are 40% off

StoreWideBanner_469x60.jpg picture by ejregnold

These are my new kits!

This is my Seashore Wedding kit!

Seashore Wedding by ApriltheScrapaholic

Click Here for
My Harvest Pumpkin Patch Collection!

These are my back to schoool kits

Back to School Crayon Madness Kit by ApriltheScrapaholic

Patriotic Red White & Blue Kit by ApriltheScrapaholic

Patriotic Plaids-N-Solids Papers by ApriltheScrapaholicChris' Rustic Cowboy Kit by ApriltheScrapaholic

Hi everyone, WE got married last night

Hi all.

We got married last night and it was great. WE had about 60 people show up. Most of his family and my family (except my brother who couldn't make it....he had to work...)

So to my brother I'll say
"I love you and we'll send photos and wish you and
Allison had been there and it would have been perfect.
You would have had a lot of fun!"

This is Lori (my maid of honor) and her granddaughter Ashleigh who was my flower girl. Waiting for me to come down the isle.

And Conner (my ring bearer) had to walk with me and my dad.
He thought that i had to hold his hand. Isn't he precious.

It actually didn't rain us out. WE thought it would. It showered on me and lori when we were setting up but quit and the sun just shown when it was time for the wedding. WE are leaving to go to my parents for a few days so I'll be back to show more photos.

ok here's the kiss.....

I'll show more later.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

BTS - Sampler ...............freebie

Hi everyone. Just wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten you. I've got less than 2 weeks till my wedding and I'm getting kind of scatter brained. Hoping that I get everything done in time. Crazy! But it's going to be great. We are going to have an awesome time. Hopefully, I'll have lots of photos to share with you.

Here is just a sampler for you from my Back to School kit. There are 3 papers, 5 cluster crayons, 1 vertical bows border and a crayon frame.

Download BTS-Sampler Here

Hope that you like it.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Hi names 12 again

Lauren, I put a new link right underneath the other link it says

blog names 12 - new link

and it has worked 2 times for me so far with no complications. So please go back and try that one.

or you can just click above. I put the link there too.

Ok now i've put the whole thing up there.

Hope this works for you.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Problem with one of the links...

Hi everyone.

For some reason blog names 12 isn't working anymore. I can't even download it from my 4shared. It even tells me incorrect link when I download if from my own account. So, tomorrow let me reupload it with a new name and lets see what happens. I'll add it to that same post. I'll let you know when it's working. Sorry about that. Not sure what's going on.


Hi everyone

I just got finished making my wedding invitations this morning. Our wedding cake is going to have shells and pearls on it. My fiance is from Corpus and he loves the ocean. So we are kind of going on this theme. I made all these shells last night and this morning. I love them. I think I'm going to make a kit with them called something like Seashore Wedding (even though we aren't actually on the seashore - far from it).

Below is the front of the invitation. It folds at the top and opens up at the bottom.
The 2 photos below are what's inside the invitation. I marked out our address..sorry.
What do you think? Looks pretty cool right!

I have a back page too that tells thank you and our phone numbers and RSVP too.

I think I did ok on my own invitations. But now I have to print all of them and get them sent out. I know I'm cutting it close but I'll make it. So, if I don't get to your names really soon please be patient with me because.........I'm getting married and I have lots to do.

We bought our rings. They are silver with gold trim. The middles of them spin and mine has gold writing on it that says Always & Forever. His has the writing on the inside of the ring. They're just bands and they also have a really tiny diamond accent in them.

So with me luck getting ready. Thank you for being patient with me.
I just wanted you all to know what I'm up to.

Take care.

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