Friday, February 29, 2008

Hi all and just a preview today.

Hi everyone, Just wanted to let you all know that I was gonna post a flower freebie tonight but my 4shared is acting up. It won't even let me on it right now. But I checked and the downloads are working correctly. I just can't get on. While I uploaded a file earlier, I went to go to sleep (you all do know I work nights, 12-8am right?) and now it won't let me get back on. I've already bought bandwidth twice and it's saying my bandwidth is exceeded for 20gb of stuff. I don't even have 20gb on there. If you guys understand anything about 4shared and bandwidth please let me know. I understand it's traffic in your files but they kill you on the bandwidth. Wondering how everyone else is doing with this.

Anyway, here is a preview of some flowers that I was going to give you.

I call them my daisy-like flowers because to be honest, I am not sure what they are. I took the photo at the zoo one day but I can't remember what the sign said they were. I like their long petals.

So, here's the preview.

I'll try to get a link on this post tomorrow.

Later and good night.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Silver and Gold alpha.............FREEBIE!

Hello everyone,

I am really trying very hard to juggle you freebies and my store.

First of all, thank you to those of you who have purchased my Chocolate Decadence kit. I was so excited this morning to find orders for it. So thank you and feel free to share any layouts with me. Would love to see what you do with them.

Also, I have a freebie alpha for you today. I made this one quite some time ago and decided today to offer it to you as a freebie. It's a silver bubbly kind of alpha with a coil gold trim. I hope you can use this.

My computer went down about 2 weeks ago. I restarted and it never came back on. So I have been battling that too. Thank god I have an external hard drive. But I lost all my upgrade plug-ins for my Microsoft digital imaging program. Lost lots of other stuff too that made my life much easier. haha. Isn't that the way it goes. So, hopefully I will find that plug-in again so I can make you all much better alphas.

So, I hope you like this one. I like the silver and gold to it. Its all lowercase with numbers and symbols. And is also in a 1 page png file. I haven't had the time to extract each letter out.

Here is the preview

You can get my silver and gold alpha HERE

Thank you all and we'll talk again later.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Chocolate Decadence whole kit

Hello everyone, Sorry I haven't been back since I posted my freebie to the infamous ABC kit. I can't believe how much everyone liked my Plaid papers. Don't worry, now that I have finished this kit, I will make papers for the skip and jump kits too. I have almost 750 downloads for those papers. Thanks so much for all of the nice comments. I'm really glad you all liked them.

I really had to add bandwidth this time to 4shared. Figured I had better get more especially if the others get downloaded that much too. Again thanks.

Now, this is my new kit that I put in the store. I have a freebie down below also. I have been busy making the previews to this kit. Decided to take your opinions and give you the opportunity to buy the whole kit or parts of the kit. I really liked this kit. It just took me so much time. My best friend says that I need to lower the amount that I put into the kits but I just can't seem to stop sometimes.

This is the kit that I offered to give everyone for free for the first 30 customers, if you purchase or purchased my entire Sweet Valentine kit. The offer still stands if anyone is interested.

Here is the preview for the entire kit.
Special thanks goes to DeniseGDesigns for her wonderful display bags. I think they show off my chocolate covered pretzels and strawberries quite nicely.

You can see them on her blog Here
and leave some love if you download.

Here is the entire kit:

Here are the solid more textured papers. They come in all flavors of white chocolate, buttercream, chocolate mint, raspberry cream, strawberry cream, dark raspberry, dark strawberry, milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

Hungry yet?

If you would like to buy all or any part of my Chocolate Decadence
you can get it HERE at my store.

Here is my first set of photo papers. There are chocolate shavings in dark chocolate and milk chocolate, butterscotch morsels, cinnamon morsels, dark chocolate morsels, milk chocolate morsels, peanut butter morsels, strawberry morsels, mint chocolate morsels, white chocolate cream morsels, milk chocolate drops and dark chocolate drops.

And here are my second set of photo papers. Included are : chopped pecans, chocolate candies, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate covered strawberries, plain pretzels, plain strawberries, and chocolate shavings in white chocolate, mint and buttercream.

Here are my chocolate covered pretzels. All in white, strawberry, dark and milk chocolate.

These are my chocolate covered strawberries also in white chocolate, milk chocolate, strawberry cream and raspberry cream.

This is a chocolate bear that I had gotten for my honey. I thought he was really cute. Decided to make him a digi-scrap and add my own messages. There are 2 plain bears in milk chocolate and dark chocolate so you can write your own messages on them.

They don't have to be just for valentines day.

Here are the ribbons to go with the kit. All the ribbons are in strawberry and chocolate colors. Not all are pictured. Couldn't get them all in the preview. Some have my chocolate drops buttons on them. Some are entwined with my chocolate covered pretzels and some have the elegant chocolate covered strawberries flourishing them.

There are 25 different ribbons total.

Here are my chocolate drops and buttons. Included are 2 individual chocolate candies.

Now the part you all like.
Here is the freebie that I am offering to the kit.
I hope that you all like it.

Download link is expired...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

FREEBIE....My Add-on to Digitreats ABC KIt.........Link Expired

Not sure if you all have been following but Pamela at Digitreats is creating this glorious kit. It is an ABC kit that has 3 parts to it. A skip kit with its own colors aimed at girls, a run kit with its own colors aimed at boys and a jump kit which is for both genders. These are amazing. She gives them out for free until they reach the end of her blog and then it all goes into her store. You should check it out.

You can check out her blog HERE for her latest installment.

Also, anyone can join in adding to the kit. You just can't use any of her stuff to make them. You just go with the colors. I thought I would try my hand at making some things. Here's what I have come up with so far. It's nothing compared to what she has done.

Link Expired

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saint Patricks Day Freebie.....Lucky Clover..

Lucky Clover Kit

Here is the full kit with 12 papers, 4 clovers, 6 cover frames, 2 clover ribbons and 1 uppercase alpha.

Link has expired to make room for more freebies

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Monday, February 18, 2008

Cherry Table top Alpha...FREEBIE!

Ok, I have another freebie for you today. Hope you like these wooden alpha. I made a whole bunch at one time and I thought they were pretty nice. I am going to give them to you for free here and in my store.

You can get this alpha HERE

Just a note right now.

I just want to let everyone know that when you buy a product at my store, I will be sending or emailing you the download links. So, please everyone, make sure my email is in your address book (this is my email - ) so it doesn't go into your spam folder. I really want to get these to you, especially when you buy them. And Patricia, I hope you have yours. I will resend them again. Thank you all who purchase in my store.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Hope everyone had a Happy Valentines Day!

I just wanted to stop by today and say that I hope all of you had a Very Wonderful and Happy Valentine's day.

Also, I wanted to thank Patricia for ordering some of my Valentines kit in my store. I have emailed your links to you. I do hope that you enjoy the kit. I would love to see what you do with it. Again thanks.

Have a wonderful day everyone and good night. I have to be at work at midnight so it's my nap-time now. Take care.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Sweet Valentine Kit i

Hello everyone, I just uploaded most of my Sweet Valentine Kit into my store.
I have everything there except the ribbons. S
till working on the preview for that one and then it will be there.
Here are some of the preview to my Sweet Valentine kit.

Here are my grungy papers.
I really like how they turned out.
Some are solid with texture on them and the others have patterns with texture.

These are my confetti papers in many different shades.

These are my favorite papers.
They are my message papers.
just love how they turned out.

These are the solid papers.
Some were in the freebie kit.

Here are the grungy frames that I made for the kit.
Some have messages on them and some I put hearts and ribbons on them.

Here is the collection of hearts that I put together for the kit.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More Ladybug Additions to My Store.

Hey, I am back. Just wanted to let you know that I just uploaded more pieced to my Ladybug Heaven kit. I added the frames and the ladybugs.

Ladybug Heaven Frames

There are 24 frames in the frame kit and has lots of different varieties to them. There are 9 that are plain in black, red and green colors. 6 of the frames have flowers and leaves on them. 4 of them have ribbons on them with ladybugs crawling on them. And 4 more have ladybugs and leaves wrapped around the frames.

Ladybug Heaven Ladybugs

The ladybug additi on has 61, to be exact, ladybugs. Each photo of the ladybugs was taken by myself and extracted by myself. These are pretty special to me. I even made 2 felt ladybugs using one of the images. I think they turned out pretty nice. Some of the ladybugs are still on their leaves. I also did the same with the individual ladybugs. They are all turned all sorts of ways so you can have them crawling all over your layout.

A Sweet Valentine

Today I am giving you my Sweet Valentine Blog Freebie. You get 9 papers, 4 ribbons, 2 frames and 3 hearts. I think it turned out pretty cute. There will be a bigger version of it with lots more papers, frames, hearts and ribbons in my store. I should have that posted by the end of today.

Download Expired

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ladybug Texture Papers in my Store!

Ladybug Heaven Textured Papers

Hi everyone, I just added the second set of papers to my ladybug heaven kit. There are 11 papers in all (5 solid papers and 6 patterned papers).

Here is the preview for my Ladybug Heaven Papers.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

New item int store....Ladybug Photo Papers

Ladybug Heaven Photo Papers

Here is a new part of my Ladybug Heaven Kit. It's my Ladybug Photo Papers. These are photos that I have actually taken myself and used for this kit.

I hope that you like these papers................Enjoy!

Buy for only $1.25

Thursday, February 7, 2008

New Items In My Store...Ladybug Heaven!

Hello everyone, I just wanted to let everyone know that I have added 2 parts to my Ladybug Heaven kit in my store now. I still have more to add but this should get you going. I added the element pack to the kit. The frames are going to be in a separate part because there are lots of them. Check out the preview below:

There are 3 ribbons with bows that are plain colored in red, black and green. Then there are 2 more ribbons with bows. One is red with black spots and the other is red with ladybugs on it.
There are three leaves that I added (and these are from actual photos that I took at my moms lake house). One is just a plain long leave that you can spread across a frame or even the whole page without distorting it. The other two you can do the same with except they have their very own ladybugs on them. I tell you this little ladybug was just posing for me. Plus there is a single leaf that had an added ladybug on it.
The preview shows only 3 flowers but there are actually about 7 total. All in different shades of red either lighter or darker.
There are 2 tags in red and green.
And there is a black lace ribbon and another one with the black bow.
The second part of the kit that I added to the store is my Ladybug Glass Brads. There are 2 with flowers on them, bluebonnets and indian paintbrushes, that are also photos of mine.
One of them as a ladybug inside on a leaf.
There are 3 plain to match the solid papers in red, green and black. And then 1 more that has a flowered design that matches another one of the papes.

If you like these, you can get them from my store. Just click on the name at the top of my blog underneath the animal rescue (which by the way......don't for get to go there and get your click in for the day....its free and you are helping feed rescued animals).

And if you go to my store, just click the elements and embellishments tab to find these parts to my kit.

Thank you all and please let me know what you think.

I'm Back with a ......................

I said I would be back..I realize it's not spring yet but I have been wanting to make this kit for quite some time. I have a hobby of taking photos of lady bugs. Ladybugs on leaves, ladybugs on dew moistened leaves, ladybugs on bluebonnets, etc. etc. and so forth. If this kit does good, I am gonna add a ladybug with bluebonnets in the future.
This is kind of a mini-ladybug kit. It has frames, a lace ribbon with bow, 4 papers, 1 ladybug and 2 flowers. I think it's really cute. PLus there is an alpha all lower and with numberal and symbols. In the store I will be placing a much bigger kit with more ladybugs by themselves, ladybugs on leaves and some with even dew on them. Also, the alpha that I am placing in the store is more detailed than the one below. It will have the long leaves wrapped around them with ladybugs on each letter. I'm still working on that but I've done a few and I'm very happy with it. Can't wait for you to see it. I will give a preview here of everything I put in the store. I just wanted to give you your freebie first. Can't leave you out waiting for me.
Here is the preview:

Download link expired

About my Store.....

Hi everyone. Miss me. I just wanted to let everyone know that I have now opened my store. Now I am not as fancy as eveyone else. It's only little old me setting it up and working on it. I have it set up so you can buy the product and then I will send you the direct link to the product thru an email. My emails is in case you need to know. It is in my profile too. Or if you have any questions and have to contact me.

But please understand that I am still adding to the store. I have a lot of new kits going into the store that I think you will enjoy. Mostly what is in there right now are kits that you have already seen. The expired ones. So, if you missed anything you can find it in my store. Also, most everything is around $1 to $3 dollars. I have decided instead of offering you huge kits for $10 to $20 dollars, I am going to offer you mostly parts to the kits for around $1 to $3 dollars depending on how hard it was to make. That way you won't get the stuff that you may not want and paid for anyway. This way you get to pick what you want. My best friend buys a lot of stuff from everyones stores and she's had just a little problem of buying huge kits and only wanting about half of it. Not all the time though. Also, she has trouble seeing everything that the kits have to offer sometimes due to so much stuff packed in the kits. I'm trying to be a little different. Basically, what you saw on the blog is what you'll see there.

And don't worry....I am still offering you lots of freebies. And I will give you freebies to all the kits.........just not possibly the whole entire kit sometimes. I hope that you like what I have done. Just click on the store logo at the top of the page. And if you have any input please let me know. I will give you preview to anything new that I put in there. Mind you I have lots of ideas. Plus, I will give you plenty of time to download your blog freebies (probably 30days) before I decide to expire them and put them in the store. If I do at all. Some will probably remain freebies.

Anyway, please take a look at my store and let me know how you like it. Like I said, I am still renovating it. It may change in little bits from time to time but I really like how I got it so far. I still need to add a few tabs to it. Also, you will find duplicate thing in there. Like my Harvest Pumpkin Patch frames are in with the regular frames and with the add-on Holiday elements inside the Holiday kits tab. So just go thru and check it out.

Also, I am working on a really good kit with a freebie for you that I will post here soon. I'm just putting the finishing touches on it so I can upload it onto 4shared. Then I will be right back. Thank you all for everything. Oh, and can I say that you all downloaded my Valentine alpha to over 300 downloads. I didn't think you would like it that much. Thank you for liking it. Also, I promise I'm coming up with the rest of a Valentines kit for you too. So, don't worry.

Have any of you seen I am Legend?

The difference between the MOVIE and the BOOK..

Hi everyone. I just wanted to talk about this movie for a moment. Have any of you seen it? Me and my fiance went and watched it about a month ago. The movie is awesome. The problem was that I practically cried thru the whole thing. I don't know. It's the whole dog and children thing. If anything happens to either one I just bawl. Plus, Will Smith seems to make me tear up in his performances lately (and I don't me it badly on his part.....he's just that moving here lately).

I cried when we went and watched the Pursuit of Happines which was another wonderful movie. The bathroom scene kills you. Won't spoil it if you haven't seen it.

(Sorry, no action in that one fiance wants action everywhere)

By the way, in Pursuit of Happiness, the little boy that plays his son is his own son and he does a great job.

And in I am Legend, the little girl who plays his daughter at the beginning of the movies is also his real daughter. Such cute kids. Their futures are bright ahead of them. Well, look where they came from, Will and Jada.

Anywho's, back to the subject on hand. I have this tendency to either read the book before or after I see a movie that I think I really like or Have really liked? Sometimes you get a lot more from a book that you might have missed in the movie. Most of the time I end up liking the books a lot better. This isn't one of those times.

I was so excited when I found the book. So, I bought it. Started reading the first day. First of all, it doesn't go along with the movie almost entirely. He has the family but that doesn't happen like the way in the movie. Instead of owning the dog, he finds one later and it dies after 2 weeks. (No spoils here except for the book) That doesn't happen in the movie at all. The dog is a big part of the movie. Also, Robert Neville in the book is a caucasion, blond haired blue-eyed man. I was ok with that. But still envisioned Will Smith in the role when I read the book. Everone in the book is affected by a germ which causes them to become a Vampire-like creature of the undead, instead of cancer-ridden like in the movie. Even that I could deal with. It was like reading another era of his life during that existence. I was even enjoying the book by then even though practically nothing went exactly like the movie.

Now to get to my point. I get to the middle of the book and Wham! These new elite of vampires which had turned to a society that could actually think like regular people (the new people) came to Robert Nevilles house, tore it down almost and stormed in and took him to their people and basically put him in jail. In the book he is the last man standing and they fear him because he has ridden the world of some of them.

Then HE IS the in the middle of the BOOK (remember I am talking about the book NOT the movie). I would not dare to spoil the movie.

Man, I can't seem to read the rest. It mentions a lot of names in the last half. I guess it goes on about their society and what-not. I just don't want to finish now.

So, for all of you readers out there that read books. Don't read this one. If you do you will enjoy the first half but be really mad about the second half. I'm quite the avid reader (mostly mysteries) and this just really made me mad. I was in it for the long hall. I love to read. But this one just left me with like What the @#$%.

Whoever wrote the movie did an excellent job coming from the book. They knew how to make it a movie that you would enjoy. This is one of those times where I loved the movie and not the book. Usually, it's the other way around.

So, please, don't go read the book first. That might make you not want to see the movie and that would be such a shame. Didn't mean to be a book critique here. Just wanted to get my frustrations out. At least I filled it in with photos, right?

So, if you want to see a really good movie.....go watch this one. And ladies, take plenty of kleenex with you. I know a lot of you have pets so you are gonna need it. But don't miss out. This is a GREAT movie.

Sunday, February 3, 2008


Hello everyone,

Please don't think I left you because I have been quite busy. I have been trying to set up a store. I have it up and running but I am still adding new stuff to it and when I get it all together I will invite all of you to it. But don't worry, I am still giving freebies. I've decided that after a little while I will expire some things and add them to the store. That give you all a chance to get them before they get to the store. Any special kits that I make will be in the store but I plan to give you just a little bit of them as freebies. Does that sound good to you? I hope so. I really don't want to loose any of you. I have been having so much fun at this. My friends and family have all encouraged me to open a store. Plus that might help with my bandwidth problem.

I will give you guys all the details to my store as soon as it's ready and going.

So now for your freebie. I know I promised my WoodenRopeAlpha by Friday but it's been a hectic week. It didn't help that I lost track of days too. My favorite show of all is Smallville and it shows on Thursdays> I stayed up until 6:30 to watch it at 7pm when my fiance made me realize that it was FRIDAY. And I had to be at work at 12midnight. That really frustrated me because I haven't seen a new episode since Thanksgiving. Thursdays are usually mine to watch Smallville and Supernatural. The rest I have to rent on Netflix. My fiance is a sports fan so he gets most of the TV time. Guess that's fair since I get almost all of the Computer time. He has trouble using it most of the time anyway.

Anyway, here is the preview again....

I think this is one of my favorite alphas so far.

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