Sunday, April 27, 2008

Haydens Jungle Bear Frames.....Freebie....

Hi everyone, thanks for being so understanding about my hard drive problem. Such nice comments from all of you. I have found some of the stuff that I saved but none of the recent kit making stuff. Some of you told me and I have a friend also that told me, you can take them to a professional and they can make a "ghost" of your hard drive and then put it on another hard drive. I may be trying that. That would be wonderful if it works. I keep imagining photos that I may never see again. That's sad isn't it.

I also have a best friend that I give photos to so she may have some that I have lost. Also, my mom might have some. But I'm sure I'll loose quite a bit if I never get it recovered.

I'm giving these as a freebie for you today. They were intended to go into the store but I now don't have the rest to go with it. I made these from the papers that I made and now I don't have the papers. Didn't get them on 4shared fast enough I guess. I'll get them remade sometime but they won't be the same.

These are bear shaped frames made from the papers. I think they are pretty cute. They match the leopard print on the bears too.

You can get the frames Here

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Freebie___Haydens Jungle Bears.

Well, I have some bad news everyone. Not really for you but mostly for me. I lost my external 300 gb hard drive this last week. Took it to my moms and it got knocked off of the desk and now it doesn't come on. It just makes some noises. I have some things backed up but not recent stuff. So, all the new kits I was working on are now gone.....or mostly gone. I still have a few things but not anything like I wanted to work on. I had great papers for the freebie that I am about to give to you. Another baby kit for my friends grandson. They were all leopard papers with matching colors to the bears. Now I have to start over and make new ones.

I also lost my zoo photos that I took the other day. I had wonderful photos of the lions roaring and playing. I also had photos of a baby giraffe in all sorts of positions, also gorillas, monkeys, zebras and much more. Now gone.

Also, my corpus photos are gone. I'm just sick about it. Had all this planned and can't do it.

I'm awfully mad at myself for not putting everything on disks right away. I guess hard lessons are learned that way. And boy did I learn one.

Anyway, here is the freebie (may take a while to get another one...haha)

PS>>>see the paper in the background....yes I had matching paper for all of the bears.

You can get them HERE

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Did I hear someone say ZIPPERS....ABC SKIP ZIPPERS add-on for Digitreats-Link Expired

I have made another addition to the famous ABC kits on Digitreats. I scanned a zipper and wanted to do something with it. Just had not done it yet. And the other day I heard someone mention on Digitreats that they would like to see zippers to go with the kits. I thought ..... YEAH I can do that. Already had it started. So hear you go.

Link Expired

Friday, April 18, 2008

More Baby Marley kit

Here are more parts to the Baby Marley kit.

Here is the freebie.....Hope you like it. I changed up the animal character for the freebie.

download has expired

Monday, April 14, 2008

Tribute to Baby Marley called Baby Marley Kit

Baby Care Bows

These bows go to the Baby Marley Kit. You can buy just the bows here.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Green Leather Alpha .....Link Expired

I made an alpha out of my Leather papers. Of course, their green again. There are 2 sets all in png format, all uppercase and in 2 different shades of green.

Hope you like it.

Link Expired

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Friday Freebie again...

I guess either you don't like my freebie or you are having trouble finding it. I have it in my store as a download when you click the photo of the preview of the freebies. But you have to scroll down to find it. So I decided to change it back. You won't be directed to my store to download. You can still download from my store to get it but you can just get on my blog here. I'm posting it again so you can get a chance to get it.

Sorry about that. I don't want to loose you because I actually lost you...haha. Anyway, here is the new download.

Download has expired

Friday, April 4, 2008

The rest of my Leather Kit!

I am sure you all are tired of leather by now. I just finished the last little bit. I added the ribbons, 2 parts and added the entire kit as well.

Here is the first set of leather ribbons in nice cool colors.

Buy for only $1.50

And here is the second set of leather ribbons in nice warm colors.

Buy for only $1.50

And here is a preview of the wh0le set.
Can't believe I got everything in least I think so.

Buy whole kit for only $6.0o

More Leather and a Friday Freebie...

I finally finished just about all of my Leather Kit. I added lots of frames in squares and circles, plus one of a unique square. Then there are the metallic leather papers. I really like how they all came out. I am still working on a set of ribbons like the one in the freebie below.

Here are the first set of frames. Not sure what shape you want to call these.
I separated everything out into cool and warm colors because it's easier to make the previews when you don't have so much. My computer has been going bizerk with all the stuff I put into one preview and it just freezes on me at times. This makes it much less time consuming for me. At least until I have to make a preview for the entire kit and then it just doesn't like me at all then. This just makes it a little easier.

By the way, I added the yellow color to the cool colors. Not sure if its actually a cool or warm color. Haha. It just looks better with the blues and greens than the pinks and oranges.

Here are the cool colors of blue, green, aqua, teal, yellow, and a lime.

Now for the warm colors of red, orange, pink, purple and violet.

Here are the second set of frames which are square in shape.

Here are the cool colors of blue, green, aqua, teal, yellow, and a lime.

Now for the warm colors of red, orange, pink, purple and violet.

And last but not least are the round frames. I really liked these too.

Here are the cool colors of blue, green, aqua, teal, yellow, and a lime.

Now for the warm colors of red, orange, pink, purple and violet.

Here is the first set of metallic leather papers all in really great shades of colors.

My computer froze up for this one. I kept it as is then decided to separate out for the rest. Crazy huh. Anyway, these are the darker metallic leather frames. Hope you like them.

This second set of metallic papers are a little lighter and the shading is different.

Here are the cool colors of blue, green, aqua, teal, yellow, and a lime.

Now for the warm colors of red, orange, pink, purple and violet.

Now for the freebie to my Leather kit. I have 6 papers, 3 frames and 1 ribbon for you.

They are all in shades of green. That's the main color we need right?

I've decided to share my freebies in my store. All you have to do is click on the preview to go to 4shared to download. That way all of you can see what I've done in my store. Just scroll down to find the preview and then click on it. You don't have to order to get the freebies anymore.

Download link is expired
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