Friday, May 30, 2008

We bought a New House...Our first house.

We approved for a new house yesterday. WE just can't believe it. I think we are in shock. Didn't think it would happen. But we have a house. We signed papers today and we should close on the house around the 15th of June. Isn't that cool. Here are some photos of the front and back.
It is a 3 bedroom, 1 bath, 1 living room and large kitchen. One of the bedrooms is absolutely huge. I get to use one bedroom just for my computer. Yeah!!. Still trying to convince my fiance that we need to keep the internet because I can make money with my store (which I can a little) to bring in extra money. The payments aren't out of our league but he's just a little bit nervous about. He hates to spend money. I am sure some of you have husbands like that. And I actually don't spend that much money which makes us a good pair. But I do want to keep my internet. Got to keep chatting with all of you. Anyway, he doesn't want to loose his sports anyway and our cable and internet are a package deal.

Anyway, I'm a little busy. But I'm working on some stuff to give to you. I'm working on a late memorial day /4th of july coming up kit. Meant to have one by memorial day but it may end up being a 4th of july thing. So I hope that you guys enjoy the photos that I post. I also have photos of my Shaylee and JoJo swimming for the first time this year at the lake. Too cute. They had a blast. I'll post some of them tomorrow.

Aren't my Shaylee and JoJo going to love that back yard. It's going to be so wonderful. I am too excited. THIS IS OUR FIRST HOUSE. Yes!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hi ....just blogging and some photos.

HI everyone, Well I got some bad news. My hard drive is unfixable unless I send it off to some place and pay from $500 to $1500 for them to retrieve the information. Well, I don't think I want to go through all of that. At least not yet. So please be patient with me because I have to come up with brand new stuff.

I want to make like a western type kit. I want to include horses, longhorns and cattle, fences, rusty stars and horseshoes, and etc. What do you think about that. My friend Lori and I went out the other day and took some wonderful photos of these beautiful horses and longhorns that we saw on the side of the road. She was trying to cheer me up about losing my hard drive. We got wonderful photos from both of us. I also have some pump-jacks that I would like to include to. Possibly a windmill or two. Call it Texas Cowboy Living or something like that. I have a friend of mine that's a Texas cowboy born and raised and I thought I would tribute the kit to him if I can come up with a great name. Still have to figure out some saddles, hats and boots to go along with it. Ooooh, and maybe some spurs.

I still plan to make a kit using my corpus photos. I saved some of them but not the ones that I really wanted. STupid me. I am definitely saving everything in several places be it online or on disk or extra hard drive or all of the above. Not going to go thru this again.

And I just have to redue all the stuff that I had going with the Baby Hayden kit. I just need to redue them.

Also, I still plan to do a zoo kit. I just have to plan a day when I can reshoot photos from the zoo. In a hundred years I will never have the photos that I took that day. I had photos of a baby giraffe sitting, laying down, walking and turning it's head. They were great photos too. Also, had wonderful photos of a male and female lions. They just posed wonderfully. Even got him roaring (at least it looks like he was...he was actually yawning). I can only hope my next photos will be up to par.

So, bear with me. I will get back up to speed.

Also, I am moving in the next couple of months. WE are hoping to try to buy a house but we may end up renting again. We just don't like our apartment anymore. The landlady wants to throw a fit about our kayaks in our fenced in patio now. We can only have patio furniture in our yard now. And we have 3 kayaks. Where else are we gonna put them? Also, I think she hates my puppies. And thats a huge no-no. We paid our deposits but now we aren't allowed (and it's not just about us either...I'm just taking it a little personal) to walk our dogs on the premises. We can't even walk on the sidewalks with them. And they sure can't use the bathroom anywhere. I clean up their poop anyway but alot of others don't . But she seems to blame us. My puppies don't even go on the premises unless it's in our back yard. But hey, it's our fault. Not. Someone has a huge dog pooping along the fences and the owner isn't cleaning it up. She actually think that came from my puppies. Not even on their best day! LOL So, we just want out.

HOpefully when we do move I can still get on here. I'm hoping just to transfer everything. WE'll see.

Anyway, everyone take care. Have a wonderful night. I have to lay down before I go to work at midnight. So see you soon.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Wow....I got tagged.....

I got tagged. Wow...someone actually realizes that I exist. That is too cool.

Never done this before but I'll play a little bit. Erika at Curlywirlytwirlygirlies tagged me. By the way, she has several really good freebies on her blog that you can download. Her frames are really cute.

Too cool. Guess this is another way for us to get to know each other. You are supposed to list 7 facts about yourself on your blog whether it be personal, informational or plain weird. Then tag 7 other people and let them know about it.

1.) Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2.) Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3.) Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4.) Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Okay so the easy part is seven random facts:

  1. I have 2 very precious puppies whom I adore. I am a dog magnet and lover. Dogs just love me. And I cry at any movie where something happens to any dog (or child). I mean that I cry like a baby. My fiance just kind of laughs. He's sweet though. He tries to hold my hand and stuff but I won't let him till it's over.
  2. I am a Smallville junkie. I just love the tv show Smallville. I have all the disks and a lot of the magazines. I'm almost obsessed about it. TRY to never miss a show.
  3. I have a weird I remember almost everything about most actors. Like who they have been married to, who their married to now, how many kids they have, movies they have been in and other weird stuff. Not good at remembering quotes though from the movie. Funny what your mind decides to remember.
  4. I love taking photos. I take photos of everything and anything. You name it. I have a photo of it. (or did before my hard drive went catapulting off my moms desk)
  5. My mom nicknamed me Grace because I'm so graceful (not). If there is a way to fall down and do it spastically then I'm the one to do it ............haha. And I fall down hard. My brother says that it's totally funny because I'll try to say a cuss word but it's in slow motion. He says I even fall like I'm in slow motion. But I do fall. I once fell out of a 3 legged chair (I forgot the 4th leg was missing) and he said I fell for 10 minutes). He almost died laughing. Hey, I laughed too at the end. How can you not laugh at yourself sometimes.
  6. I read lots of books dealing with mysteries. I love murder mysteries and right now I am really into the audio mp3 cds. They keep me away on long trips. They really work. Stephen King has always been my favorite but James Patterson has slowly taking the spot.
  7. And last of all, let's see what I want to divulge. I collect playing cards. I don't know why. Anytime I see a card with a different design on it I have to get it. I have probably around 30 decks of cards. I even have jurassic park cards. Would love to have all the great moves but you can't always find them. Not many people know about my collection of cards. The funny thing is that I don't really know what to do with them. I thought about building a display case somewhat for them but not sure how. I do collect other stuff that is obvious but this seems to be something that I just do for no reason at all. Maybe it's because I used to play with my dad all the time. I just love them. I know WEIRD!
Now my taggable friends.

  • Lindsay Jane Designs She always has such beautiful frames and elements...I just love her stamp frames.
  • Scrapping with Ikea Goddess She always posts such great freebies.
  • Kim B Designs She gives really beautiful freebies and has some wonderful templates.
  • BooLand Designs Thank you for the 100 days of freebies.
  • JanniScrap Designs Thank you Janice for all the wonderful kits that you make..we appreciate all you do.
  • Nana's Attic Thank you Anita for all the wonderful kits that you make as well..we appreciate all you do too.
  • Pamela at Digitreats Thank you for everything. I love your ABC kit. I know you've already been tagged but how can I not include you.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm Back from my Moms..

Hi guys, I'm back from my moms house. Went to see my little (now 11 yr old) cousin for his birthday. My mom and dad take care of him for my cousin. I just got him some games for his playstation 2. That seems to be all that he's into, games and movies. He liked them though. Always afraid I'll get him something he already has or something too easy for him. He's so good at that stuff.

Still haven't heard about my hard drive yet. Still trying to be patient.

I want to ask you all a question. Would you like the floral blanket in the run and jump colors too. Or should I come up with something other than a flower to put on the blanket for those colors. Let me know what you think. I do just have the blanket by itself too. Comment for me and give me ideas of what you would like to see on the blanket if you want something else. I'll try to come up with something if you don't or I'll just keep using the flowers.

Also, I have the zippers closed too. I also have the zippers with gold, silver and brass metal on them with different colored material around them. Would you like those too? Just asking.

You guys take care and let me know what you think. Good night and see youu all later.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Freebie....Add on to ABC Run this time.....Link Expired

Well, my hard drive isn't ready yet. I was just a little upset about it too. The guy acted like he couldn't remember who I was when I was just in there 5 days ago and we talked about the hard drive for quite some time. My fiance was also there too. He claimed that they have hooked it up (which I did that) and that the disk is spinning. That's all. It may have been spinning when I hooked it up for all I know. It seems almost like they hadn't even got started on it yet. OH my. I hope I didn't take it and my (brand new 500gb) hard drive to the wrong place. He said not to worry that I would get it back. He doesn't sound too convincing to me. But my fiance said we just need to give them more time.

So, now the 2 days turned to 3-4 days and Now it's going on 6 days to whenever. Not sure if I can stand it. Kind of going nuts here. I don't have enough hard drive space on my current computer to make the kits. I have some room but not a lot. So it's just a waiting game right now.

So, I'm giving another freebie today. Another part of Digitreats ABC kits. These are the open zippers for the RUN part. Hope you like them too.

Link Expired

Monday, May 19, 2008

Floral Blanket Papers.....all in skip colors...Link Expired

Hi everyone, I just made some papers in my floral blanket design...and I'm adding them to Digitreats Skip ABC kits . I took a photo of my favorite blanket at my moms and then I added a beautiful wildflower in different sizes to the blanket design. It's different but I kind of like the design. So, here it is. Don't worry I still have more zippers to give to you too.

This is in anticipation of getting my hard drive back. Take care all.

Link Expired

Sunday, May 18, 2008

More photos of Shaylee and Jojo

Hi everyone, I am still waiting to hear about my hard drive. Tomorrow will be the 4th day so they should get back with me. I haven't been making stuff because I don't want to bog down my computer too much. If I can't get my stuff from my hard drive at least I will be able to use the 500 gb hard drive that I bought. Right now the place had both of them. I'm getting really antsy. I just hope that it's taking so long because they are able to do something about it. They said it would be around 3-4 days anyway. I'm just like I said, antsy about it.

Well here are more photos of my baby JoJo (on the right) and my beautiful Shaylee Waylee.

You got to see them all dirty and muddy. Now, they are all nice and clean but still wet. They just posed for me on top of my cedar chest of blankets.

They just sat there. So cute they are.

They look like rag-dolls don't they?

They look almost innocent. Can you tell that Shaylee is looking at something. Well, I have a stuffed bear that I got for Valentines Day for ME and she's looking at it. She wants it really bad. She thinks that every stuffed animal that I have is hers. Which, pretty much most of them, end up going to her. But some of them my Jose gave to me and I don't want her to have them. But she sure tries and gives me those sad puppy dog eyes. She's such a character. Don't think she's spoiled do you?

So, I'll talk to you all later tomorrow. And hopefully I'll have some freebies for you all in celebration of my computer hard drive being retrieved and all (hopefully).

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Hard Drive Is now at the Computer place

I took my hard drive to the computer fixing place.....yeah!. I sure hope they can salvage something. I got my 500 gb hard drive the night before and I took it also, so they can copy everything onto it if possible. Let's hope so. I'm getting quite anxious now. I fear that there is nothing they can do about it but I have a hope that it will be all right and I get everything back. I just feel incomplete without my big hard drive. Hard to do anything without it. It's driving me crazy. I think that I put it off for a while because I didn't want to hear the inevitable "There is nothing we can do about lost everything!". But I'm hoping they will say they fixed it. Trying to stay positive. These were taken at my mom's house on the lake. These are photos of my beautiful puppies (even though they aren't so beautiful here) enjoying water in the tub. I kept throwing Shaylee's tennis ball into the water and she kept getting in and just spun around and around in the tub. I thought she was after the ball but it seems she's fixated on either the waves of the water or the bottom of the bucket. But after a while my JoJo who never volunteers to just get in the water, dives into the water and retrieves the ball. I was like "Oh my god, he actually got the ball out!".He doesn't even fetch the balls when I throw them. But he seems to think that they don't belong in the water. Too cool! He also kept messing with Scout's water bowl. He kept going to get a drink out of it and kept putting his front legs inside the water bowl making it nasty.
Goof-ball............. But they were having quite a lot of fun. I finally went to the dollar general store and bought a small wading pool for kids and they got in that together. Never could get Scout to get in. I guess he thought there wasn't enough room or that my puppies were just too much for him. He just got in his house and watched from afar. I then proceeded to throw all 4 tennis ball in the water and JoJo got all 4 out too. He just put them on the ground went back in to get another and then he was through with them. Too funny! I was video taping too so most of that is on the video tape. Hard to handle both cameras at once. So we just had a water day all day long. Problem was that they wanted to go back into the house everytime they were finished. They won't stay anywhere that I am not around. If I go in they think THEY should go in too. At least it kept them busy for a little bit. I kept washing them off in the shower everytime I let them in. I just love my puppies. Such a blast. Can't wait to get them swimming in the lake again.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ashleigh's Art Masterpiece....

Hi everyone, Just wanted to post this page I made with my best friend's granddaughter Ashleigh. I just loved the photos when she showed them to me.

So, this is for you Lori.

All designs, color scheme and elements created by Pamela at Digitreats with her SKIP ABC kit.

My first layout using her kits. I just love all the kits. You should check them out if you haven't already.

Now, I have to do one with her grandson Conner using one of the other kits. Can't decide on RUN or JUMP. Probably the Run.

Take care all and have a good day!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Winter Wonderland kit.

This is my entire Winter Wonderland Kit. There are frames, papers, snowflakes, alphas, safety pins and other goodies. Just check out the preview.

Buy my Christmas Time Kit.

This is actually to buy my entire Christmas Time kit. I just haven't gotten the preview yet. But you get everything that was included, candy cane alpha. candy cane elements, candy cane frames, lots of papers including the message papers, glass brads, stockings, santa hats and etc.

Buy Mega Kit for only $8.00

Buy My Harvest Pumpkin Patch kit

Harvest Pumpkin Patch Kit

This is the entire Pumpkin Patch kit. There are 5 leaves, 3 ribbons with bows, several papers and there are frames and glass brads included with this kit also.

Chocolate Decadence Kit

Chocolate Decadence Kit

This is the entire kit with 38 papers, 13 chocolate covered pretzels, 24 chocolate covered strawberries, 7 buttons, 7 candy brads, 2 pieces of chocolate, 25 assorted ribbons and 18 message chocolate bears.

My Kits to buy

Ok everyone....thank you all for being patient with me. Trying to figure out this paypal is really driving me crazy. It's not all that hard, you just copy and past code, but it wasn't cooperating with me. I think I have it now. I had to separate the add to cart and view cart buttons. Yes, I know, that doesn't make any sense. Well, it doesn't to me either but that's how I had to do it.

When I put the two together in the blog post, the add to cart button went screwy when I posted. Like it wanted to disappear. I'd go back in to edit and half the code was gone. And when you go to add to cart it would leave the cart empty.

So, I put the view cart button on my side bar to the right up top.

Now I am going back and redoing everything. So, if you have tried to order anything which I'm sure you haven't yet. Sorry for the inconvenience. One of these days I'm gonna not have any problems. Yeah right!

So check to the right for the view cart to pay pal. Thank you all for listening and being so ever patient. Now maybe I can start on new kits now that I've figured it out.

Sweet Valentine Kit

Sweet Valentine Kit

This is the entire Sweet Valentine kit with lots of papers, hearts, heart frames, polaroid frames and assorted ribbons,

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day Everyone !!

Hi, I just wanted to stop by and say Happy Mother's Day. I planned on having a mothers day kit for you but haven't had hardly any time on my hands. I get my new hard drive on Tuesday and I can start things a little better.

I also owe you all an apology. I thought I had this pay pal thing down. It even worked a few times. I've gotten a few orders. But now none of the "buy now, add to cart and view cart" buttons are working. So I deleted everything. So, if some of my blogs look kind of funny that is why. I wanted to make my blog my store. Going to try again when I'm not falling asleep at the computer. Not sure if it's me or if there is actually a problem. I tried to order stuff myself and realized it wasnt adding anything to the carts. Ugh! So smart at making things but not so smart at all of this. I don't know how everyone does it. I don't know. Maybe it's not meant to be. But I'm not giving up yet.

So, you all take care and enjoy your Mother's Day.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

JUMP ZIPPERS for the ABC kits......Link Expired

Hi everyone,

I'm still working on stuff. But I did have the time to come up with the Jump Zippers for Digitreats ABC Kits.

There are 10 coordinating zippers to match the kits. I do hope you enjoy them. Hopefully, I will have the run zippers soon....

Link Expired

I am also planning on making some zippers that are closed. So you can have a variety.

Thank You.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Check at Top of Page for Kits I'm Selling

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that I have finally ....maybe figured this thing out. I couldn't decide how to add another page to my blog....but I did open up another account with my other email address. There I have posted a few kits that I have for sale....ones you have already seen. But if you still want them you can get them.

Just go to the top of the page and either click on All Kits for Sale to get entire list or click on Each individual item and It will take you to the store to buy all or just one item. There you can add to cart or click the buy now button. After you buy through pay pal and are verified, I will send the download links to you. I still don't know how to send them automatically.

So check it out.

Thanks so much and sweet dreams.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Reminder....and just talk.

Just wanted to inform:

Alicia, I have sent your downloads out to you several times over the last 3 days. Just want to make sure you get them. They may be in your spam folder and there may be several there. I can tell you haven't gotten them yet by looking at my 4shared folder. Please let me know if you are having problems. And thank you so much again for ordering.

Also, I'll be off in a couple of days, so I should be able to post something else for you all again then. I'm taking my hard drive to the computer place (on all of your advises) to see if I can salvage anything. So, cross your fingers for me. Otherwise, I'm starting almost anew. I do have a lot of what I had before, just not the new stuff.

So take care everyone and good night!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Thank You

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to thank Alicia for ordering my Baby Marley kit.

Alicia, I have sent your links to your email through both my So please check your spam folder if you haven't received them yet.

And to all: I haven't figured out how to put the direct links in paypal yet, so you have to bear with me while I email all of you your links to the kits. I promise I'll figure it out. But I email them as soon as I see that you have ordered and been accepted through paypal.

Also, I'm still regrouping so I haven't got a freebie just yet. My next one will probably be more zippers for the jump and run themes to digitreats abc kits. I'm planning on making zipped ones too, instead of just the open ones.

So thanks for ordering Alicia. I just ordered parts to the abc kits from Pamela at Digitreats. ( I lost all of those pieces when I lost the hard drive...which I'm still going to get looked at.) So, I know there is a way to send the links automatically through pay pal. So bear with me please.

I'll talk later. Right now I have to go catch some zzzz's. Take care.
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