Saturday, October 22, 2011

Making a new kit called "Celebrate Awareness"

My Beautfiul Shaylee - Isn't she the sweetest.  Can't believe my brother got this photo.

I'm making a new kit called "Celebrate Awareness"
I have decided to put it into the store and everytime someone orders the kit, $1 will go to the charity.  I've included the charity link at the top of both my blog and my store.  This way it can go for something good too.
It's going to be a big kit about 48 papers  and over 100 elements.  I have some previews made and I'm still working on a couple more.

Here are the previews I've made so far:

 I still have 2 more sets of elements to make previews for.

 This is all of the papers together.
Hope you all like it so far.

Saturday Photohunt: Oct 22 - Public

The them this week is HIGH and I thought that my Dads
Tv antenna that he put together would do the trick.

My dad is 63 and climbs all the way to the top of it to fix it sometimes. 
My mom almost has a heart attack.  LOL  She said she just can't watch.

 Here's another one that would work.  I took a photo of these birds that were way up in the top of one of our trees.  I could here them singing.  Had to use my whole 12x zoom just to get this close to them.

 Also that day there were fires around and helecopters were hauling in water from our lake that my parents live on to help put them out.  He was pretty high up there too.

Crome Name Frames - SEAN

Black Name Frame - LILY

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Saturday Photohunt: Oct 15 - Public

Sorry I'm posting late.  Trying to get back into this.  So I'm 5 days late on this one.  LOL  Had trouble deciding what I wanted to do and then today it hit me.  What's more public than the court house.
I took photos of a friend at the court house this last week and snapped some shots of the courthouse by itself.

Black Name Frame - NADJA



Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Black Name Frame - MORGAN

All of these page I made using my Denim Blue kit.
I entered 5 of these pages (all except Brad Pitt) into a Scrap an Actor challenge.
I thought the denim worked quite well.  What do you think.

Get your freebie below

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