Thursday, April 22, 2010

50% off all Products $2 and Over at ScrapitSassy Fairyland 2 Elements Only by ApriltheScrapaholic

Here's my new sale going on at ScrapitSassy from April 23rd thru April 30th.

Here are some of my new products.

Fairyland 2 Elements Only by ApriltheScrapaholicFairyland 2 Paper-Pack by ApriltheScrapaholic

Holiday Baking - Utensils 3 - CU by AprilthescrapaholicHoliday Baking - Utensils 2 - CU by Aprilthescrapaholic

Holiday Baking - Utensils 1 - CU by Aprilthescrapaholic

Here are some layouts made by my Ct Nita............thanks Nita


Here's the quick-page she made.


Get it Here on her blog


And here's her quick-page using this kit.


Love these pages. She did so good.

Get it here on her blog.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Huge Sale April 23-30th .....50% off

Hey everyone.
Wow, I've been busy so I apologize for not being on here for a bit. Still taking care of home business regarding my dear hubby Jose. I finally got the funeral paid off but still need to deal with the headstone which will be hard. Decided not to keep our truck that we really loved so much. With much deliberation I made a conscious decision. However much he/we loved it I finally decided that it is just too much truck for me by myself. I can't even use the back, can't even see into it. So I'm gonna return it. Besides if I pay off the entire truck it will take up almost everything and I still have to pay for all his hospital bills and like I said the headstone. And I want it to be nice. Not real expensive but nice. May put a pic on there of him fishing. Trying to decide how to get the puppies on there to with him. He loved them so.
Also, I had to get my taxes done. We had that house credit last year that has to be paid back and thankfully they knocked half of it off. Basically they got rid of his part of the loan. First nice thing to happen to me since all of this. Hadn't had much of a break yet. I don't know. I just kept putting off the taxes when I usually do them first thing. Just so hard to inform everyone. But got them done on April the 15th. Talk about the last minute.
Back to the car situation decided to get a smaller, more economical and usable car. Found a Red Dodge Caliber 2009 with only 36,000 miles on it. So I got it! It was only $12,900 not including the taxes. It's really cute. But very practical and uses not much gas. Just hoping I'm making the right decision.Also, we got a new puppy named Peanut. Thought it would help me out having him. And he's sure fun to watch. He's the same breed as my Shaylee and JoJo. And can you believe it he has completely different characteristics. He's too cute though and I love watching him and jojo.

Here's my new sale going to go on at ScrapitSassy from April 23rd thru April 30th.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More new products in the Store

Hey everyone.

Sorry I haven't posted freebies lately. I got them for you. Just been busy with life and all. Still trying to deal with everything about Jose plus taxes. I'm having trouble dealing with it all. Trying to get stuff taken care of so I'm a little pre-occupied and very emotional this past week. So be patient with me. I promise I'll make it up to you all with all of those frames and other stuff.

Here's more stuff that I added to the store.

I took my Holiday Baking kits 1 & 2 and combined the elements. Then separated them out again and made them all as CU items in the store. Here's what I have.

I also added my Fairyland 2 kit as separate papers and elements.

Be back later. You guys take care.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More Products in the Store

I've added some more stuff to the store. I hope you all have a very Happy Easter. I didn't do much. Just stayed home with my puppies. Was missing my Jose too much.

Here's what I've added to the store.

Fairyland Quick-Page Album by ApriltheScrapaholic

Holiday Baking - Utensils 1 - CU by Aprilthescrapaholic

Holiday Baking - Utensils 2 - CU by Aprilthescrapaholic

Have a great day!

I promise I'll get back to the frames for you all.
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