Monday, September 10, 2007

Swimmin' Puppies

Here are photos of Shaylee swimming by herself. They are closeups.
She looks so serious but believe me, she is having lots of fun.

And here are a few photos of JoJo sitting on the dock. Isn't he adorable.

We switched life-jackets with him and Scout. Thought the orange one would do better on JoJo but they were about the same. Scout looks way better in the orange but JoJo does too.

He's got his toung stuck out in the first photo if you look closely.

Here is another photo of Shaylee and JoJo with JoJo on the left this time. (the other photo is below) Somehow I messed up and misarranged the photos. Oh, well. They are all cute.

Here is a photo of Scout getting onto the ladder to get onto the dock. Isn't he just handsome in his orange life-jacket. Too cute!!!

Here are photos of Shaylee and JoJo in their life


This one is of Shaylee. Isn't she cute. She knows that when she puts on her life jacket that she is going in the water. The only other thing that she gets excited about is her favorite ball. Not too sure which one she likes best.

This photo is of my cute little JoJo. He is only now 9 months old. Still too skiddish for some things. The life-jacket was just a smidge too small for him but it worked just fine. He's not too sure of the water just yet. But he is swimming. He can't quite keep up with Shaylee though. He mostly stays with me or close to the dock. Isn't he adorable in his new life-jacket?

Here we have photos of Scout in his orange life-jacket and Shaylee in hers. They just kept swimming all over the place but not too far. They were so great out there. They even have a ladder which is like a ramp that goes up onto the dock so they can get out of the water if they wanted. Usually, they got there, took a little breath and then used it to jump back in the water. Both of them.

And here is another photo of Scout and Shaylee. Sorry, it looks alot like the other one, except Shaylee is coming towards us.

And this photo is of Shaylee on the left and JoJo on the right. See how he follows his Shaylee. Thats what I call her. His Shaylee. He loves her so much. You can't separate the two.

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MARISOL said...

Hello'm Marisol, in northern Spain, I give my congratulations to all their designs and creativity, and to thank him for download many of his creations, he made this little montage of their pictures, I hope you like, a big greeting Marisol.

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