Saturday, December 13, 2008

Freebie.............skip abc freebie

I got tired of designing yesterday and decided to make some pages. Thought I would share them with you.

Here is my Jojo and my Shaylee in their little coats. I actually bought the blue one for Shaylee but it fit JoJo better. He's a little smaller than her. It was really cold when we went to my moms for Thanksgiving. I used my Thanksgiving kit here.

This page is of Isabella with her grandma.
This was taken at Ashleights 5th birthday party. Cute. I used my Isabella Baby kit here which was made just for her.

This is when Jose proposed to me. Actually the day after. He proposed on Christmas Eve at his entire families house and I didn't get photos. But I think this one works well. I used my Christmas Time kit to make this one.

I'm kind of working on a fishing kit. Not sure what to call it yet. Thought about Dad's day out or maybe Fishing with Dad. He's a huge fisherman but my Jose is too or at least tries to be.

These are from a short 2 day vacation trip to Lake Whitney here in Texas.

Like the moth. It looks like it belongs there but I extracted it from one of my photos and put it there on the pavement. But to me it doesn't look extracted. Cool isn't it?

New page from my Ct member Ginger. She used my Chris' Cowboy kit to make this one. Great layout.

Now to the freebie. I was organizing all my ABC stuff we got from Pam at Digitreats and realized that I had never given these to you. These are just the uppercase but thought you might still want them. Hope you like them. There are 2 sets one peach and the other brown.

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1 comment:

Ginger said...

April the layouts are beautiful! You're right, the moth looks like it belongs there.

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