Friday, August 29, 2014

Wilma4Ever Newsletter and a Freebie from Me

Check out our Newsletter and see my Freebie at the end of the post.

Wilma4Ever presents

Weekend News

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In this Newsletter:

* Sales? Want to save money? Look at our front
page under the sales button for savings. :)
* Free Thank You Gift with $7.50 Purchase
* $1.00 Weekend Deals
* What's New, wonderful products
* NEW forum challenges! Come play with us!
* Featured category Scrap It Simple
* CT Call Wilma4ever site wide.
* Bingo TBA  and Slow Scrap August 21 - 31, 2014.

Welcome our Weekend Deals newsletter.

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FREE August 2014 Thank You Gift
Our fabulous designers have gotten together to
create this fabulous mix of items that are CU/PU/S4H/S4O
that will help you to create a wonderful layout or fabulous
project. All the items in this kit are created fresh for you
each month. All you need to do is load up your cart with
$7.50 of goodies and then add this to your cart and it will
be yours OR you can buy it for $7.50.
You get it here.

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Designer Of The Month
Disyas Digital Designs
A month-long sale of 60% off!
Font and Journal Challenge in the forum.
Facebook Freebie
Free Gift with Purchase
We had a chance to chat with her
and ask her some questions:
What's your style?
I usually make scrapkits of several themes,
but i think that my
style is create kits that are related with fantasy.
I have always loved the fairytales, so, i love to create
fantasy worlds with fairies and nature. Love it!
W4E: What inspires you?
Many things, my garden at home, a good book,
something that make me happy. But i usually "see"
the kit on my mind, before to make it true. :-)
That is very important.
W4E: What is your favorite flavor?
My favorite flavor are vanilla and banana,
love those flavors. Can be a cake or an ice cream,
but love both.
W4E: What is the one digital design program you can't live without?
Photoshop. I work with Paint Shop Pro, and work with other programs too,
but Photoshop is my fav.
W4E: Where did you learn your techniques?
In forums, online tuts, triying to make something that i see in my mind.
Practicing all the time and learning. :-)
W4E: Where do you live?
Now in Mexico, but i hope to relocate to Asia in the future.
W4E: Do you have a favorite saying or phrase or mantra?
"You can do it, precious!", ha ha ha :-)
W4E: Do you print out your digi layouts?
Sometimes... i print more often my photos and i like to make
albums with scrapbooking not digital, but that give me many
 ideas to make digital scrapbook which is my passion. :-)
W4E: What is your Favorite Scrapbooking Technique?
I like to play with brushes, enjoy to make papers with textures,
brushes and color palettes. I like to make papers that tell a story
about the kit that i am making. The papers are like instant photos
of the fairytale that i want to tell through a scrapkit.
Other papers that i made for the scrapkits are made with a mixture
of shades of the colour palette with i am working,
 i enjoy it making that type of papers too.:-)
W4E: What are some of your other hobbies/interests/etc?
I love photography. specially restore digitally old photos that have
some damage due the pass of the time, or colorize them if are
 in black and white.  I love to write novels, and one of my next projects
is to publish a book. :-)
I like watch movies, cook, and learn new things like computer programs
 or idioms. :-) I hope that you enjoy my kits, were made specially for you. ;-)
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Site wide team call. We have a few spots open at Wilma4ever.
CT Application HERE
Designer Application HERE

Hot sales!

It is with great sadness we announce Becky's Creations
will be leaving us at the end of the month.
We wish her the best! In the meantime
come take advantage of her sale.

Do you know someone who is wanting to try Digital Scrapbooking?
We offer gift certificates, all you need to do is
purchase your chosen amount and you will
be sent information on how to redeem it. HERE

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What's NewJust a sample please click the
link to view even more new products from all pages.


Weekend Deals
Tons of great $1 Deals, check out the previews below!

Just a few listed please visit the 
weekend deals section for even more. :)


Featured category: Element Packs:
Just a sample look
please visit the link for even more.


Check out these layouts in our Gallery
and come join us in our Forum:
Come join us for some challenges or just to
share a layout, here are a couple. :)
Speaking of our forum, come join
ABCreations for her slow scrap Aug 21 - 31.

Free items:
Brought to you by AprilTheScrapoholic.
It's a sample kit she created as part of one of our forum challenges.
You should come see her shop and the lovely
items she has on sale, here is a sample.
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Friday, August 22, 2014

Weekend Deals at Wilma4ever

Weekend Deals
Life's A Beach - Quick Page 3$1.75
Save: 43% off

... more info
Max: 1

Life's A Beach - Quick Page 3

Here's another Quick page from my Life's a Beach kit. It is 12x12 in size at 300 dpi. Shadows included. Personal use only.


Life's A Beach - Quick Page 2$1.75  $1.00
Save: 43% off

... more info
Max: 1

Life's A Beach - Quick Page 2

Here's another quick page from my Life's a Beach Kit. It is 12x12 at 300 dpi. Shadows included. Personal use only.
Life's a Beach - Cluster Frames- Set 1$1.75  $1.00
Save: 43% off

... more info
Max: 1

Life's a Beach - Cluster Frames- Set 1

Here are 2 cluster frames from my Life's a Beach kit. They are 8 inches in length at 300 dpi and are png files.  There is shadowing on the...
Life's a Beach - Clusters - Set 1$1.75  $1.00
Save: 43% off

... more info
Max: 1

Life's a Beach - Clusters - Set 1

Here are 3 clusters made from my new kit Life's a Beach. They are all separate png files that are flattened at 300 dpi.  There is shadowing...
Life's A Beach - Quick Page 1$1.50  $1.00
Save: 33% off

... more info
Max: 1

Life's A Beach - Quick Page 1

Here is a quick page from my LIfe's a Beach kit. It is 12x12 in size at 300 dpi. Personal use only. Some shadowing.

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