Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hi everyone, WE got married last night

Hi all.

We got married last night and it was great. WE had about 60 people show up. Most of his family and my family (except my brother who couldn't make it....he had to work...)

So to my brother I'll say
"I love you and we'll send photos and wish you and
Allison had been there and it would have been perfect.
You would have had a lot of fun!"

This is Lori (my maid of honor) and her granddaughter Ashleigh who was my flower girl. Waiting for me to come down the isle.

And Conner (my ring bearer) had to walk with me and my dad.
He thought that i had to hold his hand. Isn't he precious.

It actually didn't rain us out. WE thought it would. It showered on me and lori when we were setting up but quit and the sun just shown when it was time for the wedding. WE are leaving to go to my parents for a few days so I'll be back to show more photos.

ok here's the kiss.....

I'll show more later.

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GG said...

Congratulations you guys. I hope you have a wonderfull new life together! Best wishes from South Africa

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