Friday, October 24, 2008

Thank You

Thank you Dale for ordering my Chris' Rustic Cowboy and Leather kits. I didn't realize I still had the paypal buttons on here. I sent the downloads to you so check your spam box to make sure you don't miss them. I'll probably send them to you again tomorrow. And again, thanks.

So I decided to post them again so other people can see them. I still haven't put the leather kit in the store. I'm desperately trying to get a halloween kit and a thanksgiving kit done. So, I haven't gotten the rest of the names done. Thankfully, ya'll haven't asked for many more. But I'm gonna finish the last batch and that'll probably be the end of them unless I make them for the holidays and other kits. But I will finish all the ones I said I would. Just gotta get back to them.

I feel so wiped out since the wedding. Gotta get back into gear. Hope ya'll haven't left me.

Well, talk later.

You all take care.


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