Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Hi everyone,

I am back from my moms. She lives 3 hrs away. I left on thursday and got back yesterday, Monday. I tried getting on the internet to post but mom has dial-up and can I say it sucks. It took me 1 hr just to get an email out and i had to change to yahoo classic. Yuck! Needless to say I didn't get anything done computer wise but had a nice time with my mom and dad. Can't say so much about my 11 yr old cousin. Whew! He's a mess.

My 1st Cousin who is his father can't even take care of himself. Doesn't even have a place for his own son. His mom is crazy (literally)She's manic depressive and schitzophrenic. She can't be around him. She hears voices and acts on them and you never know what she'll do. Also, her family won't help with him. GUess they don't want him, just like the thought of him. They give him stuff at xmas and bdays but that's all. His mom has had another baby boy since him and he doesn't get to see him either. The grandparents of that babie's dad has him. It's nuts. No pun intended. My little cousin is amazing. HE's smart, beautiful Or should i say handsome and perfect. Makes great grades. Loves video games and movies. But he's very hard to deal with. I'm hoping he'll grow out of it eventually hopefully not at the expense of my parents. ANd I realize that the problem with his parents can be to blame but he's had a healthy life since he's been at my parents. They've had him pretty much permanently since the 2nd year of school. So I don't understand.

Now, My mom and dad are raising him but he's getting to be too much for them and they are probably too old to be raising an 11 yr old. They are this year getting into their 60's. He's almost too much for me and I know too much for my fiance (that's why I don't try to take him besides the fact his dad wouldn't let me). He's talking back horribly. Nothing helps. They've taken away all his privledges pretty much. He only sees them 24/7 except when me and my bro visit or he goes to school. Makes great grades (a's and b's) but he's awful. Don't tell my mom but he's really a mix of my mom and dad put together and then hightened 10x. :( really he is. He thinks he's always right and he just won't back down. I went fishing with my dad and he just made it miserable. He whines and moans and gripes. He talked back to my dad who is the most patient and easy going person that I have ever known and I could see it in my dads eyes. He just wanted to lay into him bad. He grabbed him and told him to stop and not say anything. Scared me. But he didn't touch him. Didn't lay into him. Stayed calm but you could tell my cousing got to him. Oh man. I'd a gotten the beating of a life time if that had been me when I was young. (not really, we rarely got spankings) But WE just KNEW not to piss dad and mom off. We just KNEW. What's happened to kids nowadays? WE knew what not to do and how far you could push. My little cousin whom I love dearly with all my heart has not a clue. None. He just pushes and pushes and keeps on pushing until you can't deal. And you just got to walk away because nothing you do helps. HE sure doesn't listen and then he just thinks your not being fair to him, not listening to him and etc. When it's him. It's hard to talk rationally to him. He just doesn't listen. I try to make things better but nothing works.

Sorry for the rant. I just don't know how to help. My moms miserable. She love to scrapbook but can't do anything without my little cousin on her. He's got to be there when you answer the phone, got to be there when your on the computer, always asking who is it? what are you doing? let me see? and he takes over. My mom just can't deal and just does nothing most of the time because it's easier that way. He's the type of kid that had to have someone else with him at all times (can't do anything by himself - he's got to be the center of attention) and he won't go do anything even outside. You couldn't keep my brothers inside. They were always doing stuff outside. Even me. And when I was inside I had my own stuff to do. My little cousin's not like that. ARe all kids this way now? Or is the ones that are basically an only child?

If you guys have any good ideas on helping please let me know. My parents can't take much more.

Anyway, enough of the rant. It's just frustrating.

I am coming back with more names. Lori is helping me make them. I taught her how to make them and she's sending me links. So please be patient and I should have plenty for you the next couple of days. I'm also going to do some with all 50 states so you can have them for vacation photos.

So see ya later and I'm very glad to be home.

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