Saturday, February 14, 2009

Clocks from ArtsCow.

I got some clocks a while back from ArtsCow. I ordered 3 of them. One I put that photo of the cardinal that I took, another one I put Shaylees photo from the first snow photos and the last one I put JoJo also from the first snow photos. My husband accidentally broke the one that I put Shaylee on but it is still useable. It just chipped off the edge. But I'm gonna show you the other 2.

This clock is in our bathroom. I chose the silver frame for the clock because I thought it would compliment JoJo's hair and give it a wintery look. This clock is hanging over the door so I had a hard time getting a good angle to take the photo of the clock. But the clock looks great.

This one I put in the kitchen. We watch the birds outside thru our french doors and I thought it would go good in there. This is actually my favorite one. Love the cardinal with the black frame of the clock.

I finally got my wedding photobook. It came 3 days ago. It is great. I didn't get the bleeding quite right though. I have white lines along the bottoms of all the pages and the covers. Gotta get that bleed thing down.

Be back in a minute.

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