Monday, February 23, 2009

HI everyone............

Sorry guys,

My schedule has been quite hectic this past week. I should be on a regular schedule as of tomorrow. Or at least my regular schedule. My sleeping schedule just got twisted. My boss scheduled me for days 6am-2pm when I'm used to working 12midnight-8am. I just can't sleep hardly at night anymore even on days off. So it messed me up a little.

I actually made you a quick-page the other day using my new Lucky Leprechaun kit. I saved it as a jpeg and before I could save it as a png my program shut down. And I still haven't gotten to remake it.

I'm going to show you the layout I made with it but I still have to get it back to a png.

This will be what your quick page will look like without photo of course.

I'll be back tomorrow to give it to you.

Here's the preview for the kit again:

See ya in the morning.

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