Saturday, February 14, 2009

PhotoHunt: Theme........Nautical


The theme for PhotoHunt this week is Nautical.

Having trouble with this one so I've decided to use some of the photos from our trip to Corpus. We visited and saw the Lady Lex "Blue Ghost" aka Lexington USS Naval Ship. When we toured it, we felt like we were entering a submarine ship. It was really cool. At night when it glows blue and that's why it's nick-named the "blue ghost".

This is a little tug boat that pushed the Texas Treasure out into the ocean. I thought he was cute so I included him too. Hard to believe that this little boat pushed that big boat out into the ocean.

This is a seagull that we saw resting on top of some wooden pillars.

And here we are aboard the Texas Treasure together.

And my now hubby, Jose with a beautiful sea sunset behind him.

Now here is the Lady Lex.

And now I've changed my mind again......I took the photo below on the Texas Treasure thinking I could make it a background page for some kit. But I think it fits for nautical too.

It is overlooking the gulf of Mexico. The Texas Treasure took us about 15 minutes out into the ocean beyond the USA limits and that is when everyone got to gamble. I didn't though. I just came for the photos and a chance to see dolphins, which I finally did on the second trip to corpus. They followed the boat to sea. Pretty cool.

Maybe this one works. If not take your pick ---- haha.


PowersTwinB said...

You and Jose look awfully sunburnt there! lol..It takes one to know one...I've been burnt that badly myself. Thank you for visiting my hunt today April!

Anonymous said...

Very nice photos and great take on the Nautical theme. I had a very difficult time picking out an appropriate one, so mine is a long stretch from Nautical.

Check it out here.

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